As a Christian woman, you cannot makeup and make heaven at the end.

Let’s check out dictionaries, as an action word, what does it mean to makeup? To make up means to:
1, to invent or cook a story, “She like making up stories against her friends’
2, to make up also means to compensate for something lost, missed, or deficient. “I’ll make up the time tomorrow”

From these two dictionary’s definitions of make up, we can see that: (i) using makeup is making up a fake, artificial beauty that is not real. It is a cover-up, fake like and children of God cannot involve in such ungodly habit. (ii) women who use makeup see God’s creation as imperfect, so they are trying to make up God’s deficiency. Women who use makeup are passing message to God that, “God, why did you create my finger nails short, my eye lashes short, my hair too short, but nevermind, I will make up to Your deficiency”

No woman who believes God created her perfectly will ever use makeup, you don’t makeup a perfection. A diamond does not need to be painted to show value. It is because you believe God did not create you perfectly that is the reason you use makeup as a woman.

Only those who see themselves as ugly use makeup to cover up their ugliness. If you see yourself as a perfect and beautiful image of God, you will not use makeup.

I am not here to argue with you, that is not my business, but my business is to prayerfully tell you the truth and how you respond to the truth is your own business.

All Christians women using makeups, bleaching, lightening or whitening their skins, loaded with jewelries, wearing mini-skirts, tight skirts or trousers are candidates of hell fire, no matter how zealous and serious they are in the Lord, no matter how fireful and powerful they are in the Lord, those satanic materials will never allow them to enter heaven.

You know what I will advise you? If truly you are a child of God, go back to the Lord to speak to you as you open up your heart and He will reveal the truth about all these to you before it is too late.

Before you ask your questions, let me ask you this simple question, when you stand at the gate of heaven, what will be your justifiable reason as a Christian woman, born again daughter of God for using make up, for fixing nails, eye lashes, for wearing tight trousers, skirts, tops, mini-skirts, shorts? What will be your reasons before holy angels of God for bleaching, lightening, whitening or “toning” your skin? What?

Listen, not using makeup, jewelry, tight trousers and skirts, alone, is not enough to take you to heaven if you don’t live a sanctified life, but using them alone is enough to take you to hell fire!

Gideon Akande, the Evangelist

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