This New Year is a year of entering into God’s Promised land for many children of God. The good promises of God for your life, marriage, family, ministry, finance, businesses are coming to pass this year in Jesus name. This year is launching us into end time revival like never before and unprecedented blessings for God’s children.

But for us to enter the promised land and enjoy the blessings of God, we must have the right key, and the key is to serve God.

Serving God is the key for this year 2023. You might have served God before, but this year we must serve God more than ever before.

Are you waiting on the Lord for marriage? Focus on serving God and God will settle you.

Are you trusting God for the fruits of the womb? Throw yourself into the services of God and you will be served with the best!

Are you trusting God for good job, or you want to start your own business? The secret for success this year is serving God.

Anyone who focus on serving God will be served by God with the best this year.

Spend your time to serve God,
Spend your money to serve God,
Spend your energy to serve God,
And God will serve you with the best!

The Bible memory for tis year is, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15.

Even if your church does not serve God, you must determine to serve God. Even if people around you are not willing to serve God, if this generation is not ready to serve God as of old, you must determine to serve God in truth and in Spirit.

Serving God starts with genuine salvation, living a sanctified life and doing the work of God. We must serve God acceptably and without compromise. Do not compare yourself with others, but focus and look only unto the Jesus Christ.


Have a wonderful New Year in the Lord!

Gideon Akande, Evangelist

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