“But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days!” Matthew 24:19.

Evil pregnancy will not allow children of God to make the rapture on the last day and so Jesus Christ Himself declared woe, judgment and God’s angry upon them, why? Because it is a terrible thing to be pregnant with evil. This is a spiritual pregnancy, not a physical women pregnancy. It means Christians who are pregnant with another human being in their heart, harboring people in their minds, holding people in their mind without forgiveness, these people are pregnant with un-forgiveness and malice. It’s pregnancy of Unforgiven spirit.

We need to know that when you are holding people in the prison of our heart because what they did or what they did not do, in the spirit realm you are pregnant. When you keep a human being in your heart unforgiven, you are pregnant with unforgiven spirit. And Jesus says, woe unto those who are pregnant on that day of rapture.

Forgive and let Go.
Why are you carrying the pregnancy, the burden of unforgiven spirit around? If you look at yourself in the mirror of the spirit realm, you will see yourself pregnant, it is evil pregnancy of unforgiven spirit. The unforgiven spirit is extracting your spiritual energy and strength and weighing you down and eventually it will not allow you to be able to make the rapture. After your salvation, your serving God, why will you allow unforgiven spirit dragnet you to hell fire? So why not release the burden, the pregnancy and let go? When you forgive, you are delivered from evil pregnancy.

Do you know that many lives and destinies are tied down because of unforgiven spirit? So when you allow unforgiven spirit to truncate God’s plans and blessing for your life, is that witches?

Look, the Lord is asking you to forgive everyone who has offended you, no matter what, and it is not because they deserve your forgiveness but because God also forgives you. When God forgives you, you don’t deserve it, and when you forgive people, it is because you have received God’s free forgiveness.

Look around you, look within you, who are the people you have vowed not to forgive that made you pregnant of evil spirit? Please I plead with you by the mercy of God to do yourself a favour, not only the offender, to release them, forgive so you too can move forward in peace and progress spiritually and physically.

Unforgiveness is like a man drinking a poison and expecting his enemy to fall down and die.

Get rid of the evil pregnancy and get progress.

God bless you

Gideon Akande

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