The reason many Christians spend more time to pray against their enemies than they pray for their blessings is spirit of revenge. When you hear a prayer like, “Every enemy that tie down their destinies with padlocks, die!” Now how will the death of the enemy amount to your deliverance?

So many Christians praying that their enemies should turn mad or die suddenly, they are praying by the spirit of revenge not by the Spirit of God. Such a prayer does not originate from Bible. And when you challenge them with the Word of God that, “Why are you praying your human enemies must die?” they say they are actually praying that the satanic powers and spirits behind the enemies must die. But that is not biblical either. Power, spirits and principalities don’t die, and they don’t need to die before you can be victorious, they only need to be disarmed. The Bible says in the Book of Colossians 2:15, “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.”

And when it comes to human and physical enemies, they don’t need to die before you will enjoy God’s blessing in your life and family. As children of God, our concern is not that our enemies should die but that they should be able to do nothing. It is a wrong notion and a spiritual ignorance that makes many Christians thinking that their enemies must die or must be destroyed before they can enjoy God’s blessings and peace of life.

What is your problem? What is your priority or purpose of praying that enemies must die by fire or by thunder? If your problem is spiritual battles and your purpose is peace and prosperity in every area of your life, then you don’t need your enemies to fall down and die. Because what you really need for your peace and prosperity in life is not the absence of enemies but the presence of God. And the presence of God comes through genuine salvation and holiness of life.

What you need to ask God after you are saved is not the life of your human enemies or their death, but the presence of God. When God is with you, when the presence of God is right with you, you can have the abundant peace and prosperity right in the presence of your enemies. The Bible says, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” Psalm 23:5. These 3 things happened to David right in the presence of his enemies, all because God was with him.

God does not need the absence of your enemies before He can showcase His blessing in your life, and He does not need them to die either. What really matters is not the absence of enemies in your life, when they are all dead, no. What matters is the presence of God.

How comfortable are you praying that sinners should die and go to hell fire just like that? Because anybody who makes himself or herself an enemy of a person either by possessing evil spirit of wicked spirit, such a person is a sinner. And as children of God, we don’t declare death sentence on them but we pray that God should disarm them, putting them in His prison and then preach gospel of Jesus to them to be saved.

Another thing here is that children of God don’t curse but bless. Some Christians, out of the spirit of revenge they lay curses on their offenders; some Christians ministers even use their calling to curse, such is opposite the teaching of Jesus Christ. What do you stand to gain in cursing people? What is your profit? Do you so much desire God to punish your offenders or for God to prosper you? Do you so much care for the life of your offenders to become miserably gruesome or for your life to become marvelously awesome?

Sometimes, God allows some losses to come our ways so He can use the occasion to multiply us and replenish our losses even in 100 folds, but many times we do not key in to gain God’s plans to unleash His blessings on us after the loss, we are after the revenge of the offender because of our old adamic mentality.

After you genuinely give your life to Jesus, your prayer points must change.

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