Baptist Church, Apostolic Faith, RCCG, Deeper Life Church, etc. running expensive nursery and primary schools, secondary schools and universities, more expensive than Federal Government’s schools or more expensive that an average member of the same church cannot afford, they are not sent by God, they sent themselves.

I heard about a school founded by a man of God, Gbele Akanni, a school totally free of charge for all the students. This is a man who does not run church, who does not collect tithes and offerings, yet runs free of charge school and the school is progressing and well taken care of by God. And your church, collecting tithes and offerings, using church’s land and money, members’ donation to build the school and the school is so expensive that an average member of the same church cannot afford to send their children to their church’s school, is this not wickedness and ungodliness? Is your church carrying this money to heaven? Is your church running the Gospel of Mammon or Gospel of Christ?

Ask yourself, If Jesus were to start a private school in your country, would He be charging such school fees your church is charging now? Is your church Christ-like or a business venture?

One of the wickedness of this generation’s church is starting private schools with church’s contributions and making the same school unaffordable to an average member of the church. This is barbaric, not biblical!

I am saying this not just to correct these churches but to warn the upcoming generation of young men and women of God not to follow the footsteps of heresy and love of money.

The funny and filthy excuse many churches give is that it is an expensive running school. Now let me help relieve you of that excuse: there is no clear difference between the school fees of private individuals and church’s schools, so an individual who collected bank loan to build school without church money or church’s land and with only the school fees he collects from his private school, he pays his loan, maintains school and makes profit and your church is collecting similar school fees for her secondary school or university, and you say it is not easy to maintain school?

The satanic aspect there is that the church’s school built by church money with church’s land is charging similar school fees with private individuals and making profit on his church members and doesn’t care about his church members who can’t afford it, is that not satanic?

If the Federal Government is subsidizing their school fees with tax money, why can’t our churches subsidize their university’s school fees with tithe money? For how long are we going to be defending what is not defendable before God and keep playing religion on our common senses?

Education was brought to Africa, not by our Governments or by Colonial Governments, but by the church, the selfless Christian missionaries. But after the missionaries gave us the gospel and we have known even more than the missionaries, we now have our churches in Africa, the same African churches are so rich to afford building multi-million church auditoriums more beautiful than what the missionaries built for us and so rich to buy private jets for our Bishops and Papas, but unfortunately these African churches cannot afford free education which the missionaries brought to Africa with the gospel.

Tell your church to repent before it is too late for them because judgment will start from the house of God.

Gideon Akande, the Evangelist.

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