If after you have given your life to Jesus, you find it difficult to stop some sinful habits you were used to, if you find it difficult to stop smoking or to stop drinking alcohol, if you find it hard to stop watching pornography or masturbating, if you find it difficult stopping any addicted sinful habit, you need just two things – Jesus said “Watch and pray” and that is all you need.

As Christian, the only secret of overcoming addicted sin is what Jesus said to His disciples, to watch and pray. Let me read it to you in Matthew 26:41, “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” What this means is that when you give your life to Jesus, you already have the Spirit of God and that Spirit of God is willing to help you to serve God, willing to help you to live a holy life. But then your flesh, your flesh is very weak to go in line with the Spirit of God that is the reason Jesus said the spirit if willing but the flesh is weak.

So then what will you do when your flesh is too weak to walk in the Spirit? What will you do when you are too weak spiritually to stand and serve God? Will you abandon your salvation and go back to join them? Will you go back into sin and worldliness? No! Listen to me, the statement, “My flesh is weak or I am weak” is not an excuse to continue in sin or to go back to sin but it’s a realization to do something urgently, to do the needful. When you see your flesh is weak or you are weak, then you need to watch and pray more than ever before.

What we need to do when our flesh is too weak, when stopping sinful habits becomes difficult is to watch and pray. Nobody who becomes born again and becomes automatically strong, everybody was weak at initial, and you should not let Satan deceive or discourage you that you are super weak to serve God and to live holy life. Even the disciples of Jesus Christ were too weak to stay for just an hour, but Jesus told them the secret of becoming strong, the secret of overcoming addicted sins, the secret of overcoming smoking and drug adicts after you are saved; the secret of overcoming masturbation, the secret of overcoming drinking alcohol, the secret of overcoming pornography and other sinful habits, and that secret is to WATCH AND PRAY!

So how do we watch? To watch means to be warned, to be careful, to take caution. And how do we do that in our Christian life? We watch by being careful of what we think, what we say, where we go, what we watch on our TV and phones, what we listen to, what we desire and who we go out with? That is all about watching in Christian life! So when Jesus says WATCH, He is saying, “Hey, be careful what you think and allow to flow through your mind, be careful of the video clip and movies you are watching and the type of music you are listening to, be careful of where you go and who you go out with. People you move with after you are saved, are they people that will help you to serve God better or pull you back into darkness of sinfulness?

And how do we pray? After we are saved, we pray for God’s sanctification, meaning for God to purify your heart from ungodly notions and desires. We pray for God’s strength to overcome the pressures of sin and to resist sin. It is not by our power but by God’s strength in our inner man. It is a step at a time, a day at a time, a daily progress in the Lord.


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