If you hear me saying 99% committed Christians in this generation may not make heaven, you may ask me if I have seen a revelation or vision of heaven. No, it’s not a vision that reveals that to me but a practical reality. For example, in Africa, about 99% committed, serious, matured, fireful “Christians” are not faithful with money, as in, money alone will disqualify about 99% Christians in Africa from making heaven. By the grace of God, I am a businessman, and I can tell you categorically that when it comes to faithfulness with money, uncompromised in giving or taking bribes, if God should only use financial integrity to screen Christians for heaven, about 99% African Christians will not make heaven.

I have engaged in small business activities in different countries in Africa and my primary target of people to engage with were not just Christians but matured, sanctified Christians. In Nigeria, I sought to employ matured Christians, pastors and church’s leaders were my managers. At one point, I had more than 40 staff and workers from different churches – RCCG, Deeper Life, Orthodox churches and others working with me; the majority of them were faithful with time but not with money. When money increases in care of an African Christian without proper monitoring, it means you want to deliberately send that Christian to hell.

How many Christians are living on their salaries without engaging in extra-official means of getting money or without collecting bribes in public or private offices in Africa? How many Christians can stand in the business world without giving bribes or are we saying bribery is no more a sin? In my businesses, I know how it is in Africa when you want to collect licenses from Government, when you want to import, when you are into transport business and deal with officers on the road; when it comes to standing without compromise or giving bribes.

I remember some years back my staff was driving from Ondo state to Abuja and he was stopped on the road by Police to check the vehicle’s papers. And then it was discovered there was an error in the chassis numbers, the VIO office that issued the paper made a mistake on the numbers typed in the vehicle’s paper and the vehicle was taken to the Police station. My staff called to tell me about the situation and I called to VIO officer in Abuja, he admitted the mistake was from them and he spoke with the Police on the road, but the Police officers said they would not accept such that my staff would have to park the car with them and take the papers to Abuja for correction and then come back to take the car after correction. It was already getting late, so I told my staff he would need to lodge in a hotel around there, and join public transport to Abuja the following morning; make the correction at VIO office and go back to get the vehicle with all the materials inside, before God intervened. It is better to go through such stress than to think of settling in an ungodly way if you truly care for heaven.

Now let me tell you, the way about 99% Christians Africa will be disqualified from making heaven on the ground of financial unfaithfulness, so also about 99% Christians in Western world will be disqualified from making heaven on the ground of indecent dress. You may wonder, “How possibly all the devoted Christian women in Europe and America who wear indecent dresses, tight trousers, shorts, leggings, tinny tops, using makeups, fixing nails and others, with all their devotions in praises and worship, will God disqualify them from entering heaven?” The same way an American Christian will ask, “Will God disqualify all African Christians from making heaven because of their unfaithfulness with money, with all their fireful fasting and prayer?” The Bible answer to both questions is Yes! Someone asked Jesus, “Then one said to Him, “Lord, are there few who are saved?” And He said to them, “Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able.” Luke 13:23,24.

Listen, there are millions of millions of people already in heaven, so if no one qualifies for heaven in this generation, heaven will still be heaven and God will still be God. God will not change His holy standard because of this polluted and unfaithful generation. But the truth is, if those who are in heaven could make it, we too can make it if we are ready to surrender all to Jesus, if we are ready to see heaven as the most important and we are ready to sacrifice everything for it. If Jesus could help those who made it, He will help us also. But we need to help ourselves to trust Him, obey Him and follow Him. Do not copy or compare your life with other Christians or pastors, look only unto Jesus for perfection and always ask Him to help you.

If you want to surrender or rededicate your life to Jesus, please click on this link to read and pray as directed If you would like to dedicate or rededicate your life to Jesus Christ, please click on this link, read the article and pray as directed https://www.facebook.com/notes/revelation-of-truth-evangelical-ministries-rtem/how-to-be-saved-and-start-a-new-life-in-jesus/270674586372252

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