(The more you are feeding on the wrong meal, the more you have appetite for it. The same with the prosperity preachers and motivational speakers – they are sweet, cheap poison to your spiritual life.)

When they started in US in late 60s headed by Normal Vincent Peale, many saw them as strange, when it was imported into Nigeria by Idahosa & co in early 80s, many saw them as fake prosperity preachers, but now, many have are falling victim of them, including the careless elects, including the covenant church like RCCG whose foundation was on old time religion, including many brothers and sisters, whose spiritual foundation in their secondary school and college fellowships was laid on holiness and hunger for heavenly things. But now the careless fallen elect churches, ministers, brothers and sisters have become more worldly than the people of the world.

Can you remember how you started your Christian life far back then? Can you? Do you remember how you started the ministry then? The standard, the humility, the simplicity, the commitment in prayer, personal evangelism and the watchfulness in all things with YOUR PROMISES NEVER TO COMPROMISE THE SAME STANDARD? Then you saw people who lived the type of life you are living now and the type of ministry you are running now as backsliders and false ministers, you remember?

But now you have fallen victim of the modern gospel, and the worst part is that you are unaware of your falling. You are celebrated, you are celebrating but heaven is weeping over you. You are now rich materially and financially but poor spiritually. You are now populous, popular and even powerful but your old standard of purity has gone.

God is calling you into repentance back to your first love for Him. That standard of holiness and righteousness you believed and preached in 1980s and in 1990s, when you were in school fellowship, that high commitment of prayer and evangelism – that woe is unto you if you don’t preach to somebody in a day, that simple lifestyle of dressing, of humility and giving to people around, all these have not changed, God does not change any of standards which you knew far back then, it is you who have changed. But He is calling you back, because we are in the last hour of the end.

Go back to where you started, your first love, your foundation, your Bethel – where God met you and called you, where He was pleased with you and covenanted with you. You are among the false modern, motivational and prosperity preachers, but that was not your calling, you are an elect; you have now mixed with this modern, falling church as a committed member, worker and even minister, have you forgotten where you came from, you standard and knowledge of God of old? You are an elect, not to perish with these modern end time churches.

Repent, rededicate yourself to God and come out from among them, yes, do that NOW!
(I am not saying you should go back to a church, but to your fellowship of old with God.)

Revelation 2:5, “Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.

Gideon Akande, the Evangelist

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