Prayer against witches and wizards, prayer against enemies has become a major prayer point in Nigeria and different parts of Africa nations that many Christians spend more time praying against enemies, praying against evil agendas of the witches and wizards and so on. And many churches are so much engage in this prayer system more than anything. Many Prayer meetings centers on these types of prayers that it has become so popular and more attractive than other prayers.

Yes, there are human beings who are possessed with evil spirit to wreak havoc in the lives of people, there are people with demonic powers and forces with evil agendas against their fellow human beings to hinder progress, ruin lives, marriages and even destroy lives. And the truth of the matter is that these human enemies do not automatically die when you give your life to Jesus. So as children of God, what do we need to do against human demon-possessed enemies who are out for evil against us? Do we need to engage in fireful prayer against them for them to fall down and die before we can be free from them?

But the reality is that praying against your enemies to fall down and die, to catch fire, to turn mad and so on is not the solution for your total freedom from your enemies. When you pray and shout, “Every enemy, from my mother’s house, from my father’s house, from anywhere, against my life, die, die, catch fire, die by thunder, die by earthquake” And you join your fireful prayer with 21 or 40 days fasting, the enemies must die by thunder, but that will never give you victory over the supposed enemies.

There are three things about the “Enemies Fall down and die Christians, the Christians who believe in praying day and night against witches to die, they have three major problems:

1, they are living in bondage of fear.
They are more conscious of the presence of enemies than the presence of Jesus Christ. Have you seen any Christian praying those fireful “enemies fall down and die” who has ever been free and stop praying such prayer? No! It is because prayer of fear can never give you freedom. Since you have been praying “Enemies fall down and die” have you been able to experience total freedom and peace of God? But the more you pray against enemies, the more you are afraid.

The more you pray prayer of enemies must die by fire, the more you will be afraid. Some of those who engage in such “fall down and die” prayers are even afraid of going to barber shops to barb their hairs, fearing that the barber would use their hair for rituals. With all the fire, fall down and die, they are living in perpetual fear and in bondage.

Those who prayed against enemies sitting on their destiny last year, they are still praying it till today, the enemies never stop sitting on their destiny; those who prayed against enemies pursuing them 5 years ago are still praying such prayer till today. Because such prayers come from fear, and they can never be free until they come to Jesus and walk in faith.

Do you know that Christians who pray more of “Enemies fall down and die”, Christians who are more conscious of the power of enemies than power of Jesus are more afraid than even unbelievers who don’t believe in such thing?

The truth you need to know here is that such prayer never gives total freedom, because most of such prayers are generated from fear not from faith. And the more you pray such prayers or the more you attend places where they pray such “so called” fireful prayers, the more you will be afraid, the more you are living in bondage of fear, that you become suspicious of everybody, of your parents, people around you and even your shadow. And you need to know that it is even a sin to be suspicious of people, assuming people are out for your evil without any evidence, it is a sin of false accusation. And those dreams you are having where you see someone in form of your wife, your mother standing against your way and such has made you concluded your mind that people you see in the dream are your enemies, it is a manipulation of the devil to make you go astray and scatter your family.

It is the knowledge of God’s word that can set free from ignorance.

2, It is an agenda of the devil for distraction.
The prayers of enemies fall down and down has taken over many churches today, but you need to know that prayers that center more about problems of life than purity of life, they are now popular in many churches, and they did not just become popular like that, it is the work of devil, it is the end time distraction of the devil to make children of God focus on problems of life.

You see in Nigeria, many churches observe Friday’s vigil prayers, do they go there to pray for their spiritual lives? Do they go to night vigils to pray for the salvation of their unsaved family members? Do they go to vigils to pray for missionaries and for gospel of Jesus Christ in their country? No, they pray against enemies, they pray more for the witches in their family to die than for the sinners in their family to be saved.

There are many churches and ministers who specialize on enemy’s prayers, they are professional in leading prayers against enemies, they talk more about the powers of enemies than the power of Jesus Christ. These are end time false prophets, they are end time misled churches and pastors, they are working against the word of God.

The devil is distracting many churches today to focus on physical enemies of this temporal life than spiritual enemies of eternal life. When your “so called” fireiful prayer centers more on problems of life than purity of life, it means Satan has successfully distracted you from spiritual reality. When you pray more against enemy that does not want you to make it this life than you pray against satanic enemy that does not want you to make heaven, then you are an ignorant and a distracted Christian. When you pray more that the enemies in your life should fall down and die than you pray that the sinful nature in your life should fall down and die, then you are a misled Christian.

Listen to me, if you or your church pray more that the enemies in your family should die than you pray for the sinners in your family to be saved, it means you need better understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3, it is a doctrine of demons.
The system of enemies’ consciousness, the teaching that problems of life, that witches and wizards and generational curses have free access into the life of a redeemed, regenerated child of God is a teaching of demons. It makes Christians to be more concerned about problems of life than their spiritual progress. Just as erroneous teaching of prosperity preachers is dangerous to your spiritual life so also the erroneous teaching of problematic preachers.

The Christians and churches who focus on enemies, problems, generational curses and so on see problems of life as more dangerous than sin, they don’t see power in holiness but only see power marathon fasting and prayer, they see holy mountain more important than holiness of life; they see fasting and prayer as more important righteousness of life. When the Bible says the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, meaning that it is not just praying but you must first become a righteous man by genuine salvation and living to please God but the “enemies fall down and die” Christians believe what makes prayer to be fireful and powerful is fasting and shouting.

The doctrine of demons that teaches that your salvation in Christ has nothing to do with your victory in life, that there is no difference between people who have given their lives to Jesus and those who are have not given their lives to Jesus, that both are under the bondage of generational curses and are both exposed to demonic attack, this is a teaching of demon from the pit of hell.

When you give your life to Jesus, when you become born again, you are no more operating in the same spiritual level with unbelivers and sinners. There is a clear difference between those who serve God and those who don’t. there is a clear difference between those who are genuinely born again and sinners. When you give your life to Jesus, you know what the Bible says? The Bible says your life is hidden in Christ with God. Do you know what that means? It means your life in hidden in the secret place of Christ and Christ is in God. So before any power, any demonic person can have access to your life, that power or person must first go to Christ and fight Him, and then go to God and fight God. This is the exact reason the Bible says the enemies of God’s children are direct God’s enemies because they are actually fighting God not the child of God.

Now, you can ask, does that means every child of God is a victorious person over enemies and powers of darkness? The answer is yes but every child of God must claim the victory by faith. After you give your life to Jesus genuinely, you must claim the victory by faith. It is just like if you are given a cheque to collect money in the bank, even though you have the cheque already in your name, you will not have the money until you claim it at the bank. The same way is victory over forces of darkness and generational curses and problems. When you give your life to Jesus, you become partaker of victory in Christ through His finished work on the cross of Calvary, but then you must claim the victory by faith in Christ. Many children of God become victims not because they are not genuinely saved but because of fear. The only means a child of God can have victory over enemies is not by prayer of fall down and die but by faith. Faith in Christ is the only means children of God live victoriously. The Bible says in 1 John 5:4, “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.”

God bless you

Gideon Akande, the Evangelist.

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