I want to warn every single Christian brother in different parts of the world who is waiting on the Lord for marriage:
Do not make marital decisions because a woman attends Holiness or Bible believing church, there are more fake “Sisters” who dress holy in this generation. Because a lady does not use jewelry, makeup or wig does not make her a child of God or a virtuous woman, there are more fake ladies hiding under such appearance.

It is not a must to marry in your church and beware of any church that teaches such. You can meet your wife anywhere as God leads you, even if God leads you through social media. It is not about marrying in the church but marrying in the Lord. If you don’t marry in the Lord, you will live to regret it and it is nobody’s business, not even your church’s.

Do not look for a woman who is financially stable, do not look for a lady who has good job or has car but let God lead you and be watchful both spiritually and physically. Only lazy men look for rich women.

Do not allow your church or your pastor or anyone to match make you with their “faithful daughter” because you may silently live to regret it.
Do not let tribe dictate to you, but the Lord Jesus. If you want to marry only in your tribe you may miss your destiny wife.

Don’t let physical beauty dictate but spiritual and godly virtues. Those who married bad girl because of her straight legs, they wish to cut off the straight legs that deceived them….

Yes, the will of God is real! God has the right woman specially made and prepared for you that will help you fulfill destiny and if you miss the right person for any reason, you may miss many things in life.

1, Close your eyes in prayer
2, Open your eyes to look
3, Close your eyes again in prayer and present it to God for confirmation.
4, Open your eyes again and go on with God’s confirmation.

God bless you

Gideon Akande, the Evangelist
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