When you get to a junction whereby for you to peacefully live or relate with some people, you will have to compromise your faith, then you better let go of such peace. In your family, when your parents say you must deny Jesus or your standard of holiness if you want to peacefully live with them, then you must let go of peace and choose the right part of holiness. When your husband says, “If you want to peacefully live with me in this house, you must……. Do something against the word of God” then you must not settle for such temporal peace. When your wife says, “Oh, if you want peace to reign in this house, you better do this or that – what is against the path of righteousness” then you forget about such fake peace.

In your place of work or anywhere you are, when people are giving you condition of peace that will make you compromise life of holiness, then you need to let peace go and stand for holiness and righteousness. What is the essence of being at peace with human being and then at war with Almighty God? Because when you compromise the word of God, the standard of holiness just because you want to be at peace with your parents, your spouse, your boss at work, your co-workers, your fellow students, you are already positioning yourself at war with God.

It’s not always possible to be at peace with all men when you want to uphold the word or will of God, that is the reason the Bible says, “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” Romans 12:18, so the possibility must depend on the standard of God and not wishes of men. When the Word of God clashes with the wish of men, we must let go of peace with men and let them come with their persecutions, at the end, we will have a permanent place with God in heaven.

Any peace deal that will make you compromise your faith in Christ or the standard of holiness is not a genuine peace, it will only turn your life into pieces in eternal pain and sorrow.


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