Today I want to talk about ministerial calling in the work of God because there is need to clarify some things about it. I was in a church as a visitor about 6 years ago, and the pastor was making announcement of recruitment of full time ministers for interested people, he then listed the qualifications, “You must have been in the church for minimum of 5 years, you must have minimum of HND qualification, you must not have more than 3 children……..”
The work of ministry today has become just for anybody interested or anyone who is physically, academically or financially qualified, which is very wrong. Only the ministry of Baal idol worshiping in the Bible that allowed just anyone interested to become a priest, “He made shrines on the high places, and made priests from every class of people, who were not of the sons of Levi.” 1 Kings 12:31.

From Genesis to Revelation, there is always a definite call by God before one would be commissioned into the ministry, even in the New Testament, Jesus called everyone into salvation, called everyone to preach the gospel but called some few into full time ministerial works. The mistake of many churches today, including a Bible believing Deeper Life church I was before, is that anyone who is vast in the word of God, who can speak good English can become a pastor or full time minister, not to talk of church like RCCG where money dictates. That is the reason the church is where it is today, because the ordained are not the called and the called are not the ordained.

When it comes to full time ministry, there must be a specific calling from God with clear leading on what aspect of ministry He is calling you into and where He want you to carry out the work of the ministry, so even if you have a divine calling and you miss “how” and “where” of the ministry, you have missed all. If God called you to be an outreach Evangelist, and you start a church as a pastor, you have missed it; if God called you to be under a ministry and you start your own, you have missed it; if God called you to village mission work and you go to city, you have missed it.

And what happens when you move into ministry without divine calling or when you miss it in the ministry God called you into? Three things may happen:
1, you will not have divine backup.
2, you will not have reward in heaven.
3, the ministerial work can be physically elaborate, but no spiritual fruitfulness.

So beloved, do not go into full time or pastoral ministerial work because you don’t have good job or because your pastors or church want you to, except you have a divine calling from God. And do not go outside the terrain of your ministerial calling or beyond your calling.

“And no man takes this honor to himself, but he who is called by God, just as Aaron was.” Hebrews 5:4.

God bless you.

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