Do you know that when you make a wrong decision on who to marry, when you ignore or when you can’t wait for God’s will in marriage, it does not mean you will not have children, it does not mean you will not have money, it does not even mean you will not have “happy” home, but you will not be able to fulfill God’s purpose and destiny for your life.

When you marry wrongly, you may still have peaceful and prosperous marriage, but you will never be able to fulfill God’s mission on earth. When the Bible says “The bone of your bone, the flesh of your flesh” it is talking about the vision of your vision, the passion of your passion, the mission of your mission, that is the likeminded person.

For everyone created in this world, there is a mission he or she is born to fulfil; there is a mandate, mission and vision from God on why He sent us to this world and that is far beyond having plenty money and children, but it is about a purpose, not your purpose, but God’s purpose for sending you into this world.

Why the devil is fighting tooth and nail against people at the point of marital decisions is because the devil knows when you miss it at this point, you will not be able to fulfill God’s special mandate for your life. Do you know God’s mandate, special purpose for your life is not about having plenty money, building houses, having children and traveling around the world? There is a special purpose and place in God’s kingdom you are created to fill, and fulfilling it has to do with who you marry.

Let me explain better: If God created you for missionary mandate, and you marry wrongly, your spouse may be after building mansions instead of building missionary ministry. For you to fulfill your God’s mission on earth, you need a right marital partner who has the seed, who sees the mission as important also. It may not necessarily mean that the person will have the same calling or mission, but the person is born to value and support the mission with you.

Let me give myself as an example. My mandate, mission and purpose of life is all about evangelism. I remember when I gave my life to Jesus early in life, as early as in primary 4, about 10 years old, I would gather people in my school and shared gospel with them. Now when I got married, my wife and I are running business as God is helping us and whenever God provides big money for us, the next thing is how to use it for evangelism, how to run radio ministrations. This year, as God began to increase our business, normally the first thing to think about is how to buy pieces of land and build house, as family members and friends are building houses, even people making lesser incomes, parents would be asking, “When are you building your house? There is a land somewhere you can develop” We could get a land and develop it in few months. But God said, “Leave building alone and focus on My work, go and use the money I provide for you to run daily ministrations on different radio stations, when it is the right time I would build your house for you, but the most important thing is your building in heaven” Now, I’m ministering on radio stations about 19 times a week, and some may think we have lots of money, but no, we are pouring everything we have. But do you think it would have been possible if I had married wrongly? If I did not marry the bone of my bone, there would have been bone of contention.

If you do not marry the “bone of your bone” you will always have bone of contention in fulfilling your God’s mission for your life. That is the reason so many Christians’ ministries and missions became abandoned or ineffective when they got married. They may never fulfill their mandate and mission again. And you too, if you marry wrongly, you may never fulfill your mission in the kingdom of God in life. You know why? Your mission is your passion, pleasure and purpose of living and if you marry rightly, the person would see the mission as everything, as great achievement in life to fulfill likewise, but if you marry wrongly, it may be less interested to the person or even like a trash. So if you tell him or her, “Honey, what about the mission trip to village I discussed with you?” since that is your passion, but the dearly beloved wrong spouse may say, “Please don’t go there again, we are travelling to Dubai with the kids this summer.” And you, for peace to rain will forget about the mission trip.” And when ignorant people begin to see your Dubai family pictures on social media, they will think you have a “fulfilling family”, not know you are a “forgotten family” in the kingdom of God.

Listen my dear single sister and brother, your ministry and mission given you by God will suffer if you marry wrongly but never mind, you will still have many children, nice cars, good houses, plenty money in your bank accounts and travel all over the world, only that God’s mandate you possess, that passion for the kingdom of God, that music ministry which God want to take all over the world, the drama ministry, the evangelistic passion, the missionary mandate, the children ministry, the youth outreach, the pastoral anointing, and the divine pen God has given you to write many books, all will go down the drain and you will become totally useless to your generation and to the kingdom of God.


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