Genuine prosperity does not come by praying or preaching more about prosperity, you can check those prosperity pastors and their members, who focus more on prosperity, they tell lies, cheat, bribe to get contracts, they change their age and personal information to get job, they bribe and commit sexual immorality to get job, promotion, and some even join occult group to get wealth in their businesses, careers or profession. And these people still claim God’s prosperity and share testimonies.
Genuine deliverance and victory over evil forces does not come by continuous or daily prayer against enemies or by prayer of “fall down and die” or by focusing on such prayer, you can check those who are in such ministry or system, they are never delivered, they are never free from enemies, the more they pray such prayer, the more they are afraid of evil forces, some of their men cannot even go to barber shop for haircut, they are afraid lest the barber use their hair for rituals; they can pray and fast for 100 days, but they are never free, they never stop praying to be free, they never believed they are free, and they never re-direct their prayer and preaching on heavenly things.
Don’t be among the ignorant in this end time, don’t be among the foolish virgins; be wise and be warned.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

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