Many difficult situations and problems we are facing are more than human reasoning that we can rationalize, I’m not talking about witches and wizards or “enemies, enemies” mentality but we should not normalize or justify problems in our lives as if they are normal but we should tackle and take them to God in prayer for solution.

Do not rationalize your problems but prayerlize it! When you rationalize your problems, they begin to rise, but when you prayerlize them, they become paralyzed.

Many sicknesses, problems of life and failures are not what we can reason or resolved with our human reasoning but by rising in the place of prayer. Take everything to God in prayer for divine leading, direction and solution.

Do not begin to reason and calculate the type of sickness you are going to have by the symptoms you are having when you suppose to pray against such symptoms, are you eagerly expecting the sickness? That you begin to google it, “What happens when one is feeling like, like that?”

You are googling your problems? Very funny! When you take your problems to google for suggestions instead of taking them to God, google will give you more than 1000 suggested problems so you can pick one them. But when you take them to God, He will give not suggestions but solution through Christ Jesus.

I refuse to google to know more about problems, I refuse to know more about sickness. I refuse to google how to manage poverty, how to cook with $1 without borrowing, I refuse that.

Do not welcome problems, failure and do not rationalize them like, “Economy is tight everywhere”, “businesses are not doing well generally”, “Even my landlord will understand if I don’t renew my house/office rent on time, things are bad generally”, “The school should know that economy is not good now” and so you are drinking your economic failure like that, since it is general? Are you part of the general public or chosen generation? Does your provision come from abroad or from above? Does it come from government or God?

“High BP is common now especially with nursing mothers”, “The sickness is normal with people of old age” And so you begin to normal such into your life. And you are reasoning to accept and agree such in your life without striving with it to short it off your neck? Why na brother and sister?

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

God bless you!

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