Electricity bill here has skyrocketed that has made is difficult for many people to cope. By so doing the devil is using this situation to trap many Christians by falling into several fraudulent activities and ruining their Christian testimonies.

Here are different categories of fraudulent activities with electricity:

Some people, because of high cost of electricity bill, they were disconnected, yet they are secretly tapping, stealing electricity maybe in the evening time. Now, if you are in this category or considering it, I want you to know you are playing with fire, and will you be surprised if this act exposes your destiny to evil forces to secretly steal your glory or land you in hell fire?

Another group of electricity thieves are people who have prepaid meters but boycott and tap free electricity on some of their electrical consumption, partial thieves are same thieves with armed robbers before God.

You have prepaid meter but because you were unaware, your card got finished at night, and so you tapped light just for the night to pass and you could buy card for your meter, though you only steal electricity just for the night and you didn’t intend to, yet before God you are a thief, and a circumstantial thief will not be exonerated before God.

You know many people were angry with outrageous electricity bills that they were in hurry to get prepaid meter which was delayed after they applied for it but they had to bribe their ways to get it faster. Some also bribed to get their electricity bills reduced or suspended so they could pay little or nothing. On other way, electricity workers come to disconnect you because of your unpaid bill, you bribe them so you will not be disconnected. if you are in this category, you are robbing your destiny, not government, because government does not even know but God knows, you are robbing your eternal light because of temporal light.

Bribing is paying for ticket to see hellfire.

Whichever category you are, what you need to know is that as you steal or tap government’s or company’s light, you are, in the spiritual reality, darkening your destiny and walking towards eternal darkness and doom. You need to repent and stop stealing in any category.

What you need to do: When government or electricity company is bringing you outrageous bill beyond your consumption or your capacity to pay, take it to God in prayer, He will settle it for you and direct you, I can assure you of that.

Also it’s better to let your electricity disconnected and stay in temporal darkness than to bribe, manipulate, have temporal light and end up in eternal darkness of darkness.

When you need to do restitution: If you have been tapping your neighbor’s light or manipulating government’s light, lying or giving wrong impression, you need to repent and confess to the right people.

“But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matthew 6:23

I pray your light will not go down at noonday, and you will not spend your eternity in darkness. Amen


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