“Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and was standing before the Angel.” Zechariah 3:3

Devil devices several traps to defile Christians and disqualify them from making the rapture and heaven at last, and so many Christians are falling into these traps. One of the defiling traps is defiling dress by many acclaimed Christian women, including ministers.

Here Are Some defiling Garments Of The Devil In This End Time:
Any top that shows the trace of your cleavage as a woman maybe when you wear blouse, shirt, or top; it may be a local made or foreign made, it may be traditional style or western style; if the dress does not cover your chest properly, that is, if a little trace of your cleavage is shown when you bend down, it means you are gorgeously wearing defiling garment. You don’t need to wear a turtledove top, but you must wear clothing that properly and perfectly cover your chest even when you bend down.

Majority of Christian women wear top that stylishly show their cleavage, because Satan has successfully polluted fashion world and the minds of the tailors so that about 90% of women’s tops are defiled. Today, those dresses do not seem wrong again, because every Christian woman wears it, including pastors’ wives. But the question you should ask yourself is: why will you wear clothes that will show your cleavage as a woman? Is it because your cloth was not enough or it was not your size or you want to be fashionable or seductive? What is your motive? Showing your private part to the world is not only a sin but a serious defilement. Any top that cannot cover your chest properly if you bend down is a defiled clothes, and those who wear it are defiled, unknowingly.

Any dress you wear that is tight on you, either top or skirt, which shows the shape of your body is a defiling clothes. Showing the anatomy of your body is a modern way of giving people the idea of your unclothedness, and it is not part of holiness in Christ. Those who wear tight clothing are unwittingly entrapped by Satan. Many will later discover this after they die or after the rapture, but it will be too late. You need not to wear a baggy dress, but it must be free on you without any inconveniences, or conveying your body shape.

Wearing a transparent cloth that shows what you wear under is not only sinful but naturally silly. The biblical and philosophic purpose of wearing clothes is to cover unclothedness, so if after you wear clothes, your body is still revealed, it is nothing but spiritual and moral indecency, and defilement to the soul. A Christian woman who wears clothes in a way that her underwear is revealed is not a good example of a godly and chaste woman.

Wearing armless top, miniskirts or gowns which do not properly cover you kneels are defilement to your Spiritual life.

Urgent repentance is very important, and then to do away which such defiled dresses and clothing immediately. You may be a matured, or old Christian woman, you may be a minister or women leader; like Joshua, he was a leader but he unknowingly wearing filthy garment. This ministry has the mandate to reveal the truth as guided through the Word of God and the Spirit of God; it is your responsibility to accept or reject it, but I pray for everyone reading this that the Lord will open your spiritual eyes and give you understanding for the truth and to be fruitful there in.

John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


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