About seven years ago, June 2013, I was having my quiet time with God that beautiful morning and as I was praising God, the Lord told me clearly “MOVE TO ABUJA”.

It was about 3 months in our marriage. I got married as a full time online Evangelist, so humanly speaking I was jobless. I had no church connection than to preach on Facebook. I had no laptop, I was going to cyber cafe daily to do my ministration. And my wife, a biochemist, also had no job, and how did she agree to marry a jobless, no-salary, no church Evangelist? I told her she should not worry, that “God would give us our own business that would take care of our marriage and ministry ”

We got married April 20th 2013, moved to Lagos from Ibadan, and living in one abandoned shop behind a non functioning MRS filling station (Now NNPC) by Omole Phase 1 gate Berger/ Ogba road. No electricity, no kitchen, but public toilet. Until Daddy Sam, a friend of my wife’s brother, came to visit the new couple with his wife; when they saw the deplorable situation we were living in, they offered us a room in their 2 bedroom flat. And we gladly accepted and moved in with him where he had his wife, kid and mother in-law.

It was in Daddy Sam’s living room I was praying that the Lord spoke to me to move to Abuja with my wife. But before we eventually moved, we made several efforts on our business but nothing yielded. I would go to Berger bus stop to sell Dove soap by roadside at a giveaway price just to get little money to buy food for my pregnant wife, yet it was difficult to eat.

I remember getting a facial soap directly from an importer in Lagos who decided to help us and supply us small quantities with low price. The soap that worth about N1500, we were selling N500, yet we could not sell. But when we moved to Abuja in July, we began to sell same soap for N1500, the funniest thing was that more people in Lagos began to buy the soap from Abuja. Our efforts began to yield as we moved to where God wanted us to be. We even had more customers in Lagos.

This month marks our sever years in Abuja, God has been faithful, He has been doing what I told my wife when we wanted to marry, that God would give us a business that would provide for our marriage and ministry. The business we started in Abuja 7 years ago with about N100,000 is having about 30 full time staff now including in Lagos.

Brethren, whenever I see a child of God or a Christian couple struggling with their finances or career, the first thing that would come to mind is, are they where God want them to be? Are they in the right location? It is not about witches and wizards, it is not always “God’s time has not come” if you are in a wrong place and doing right thing, you will keep struggling in your finance and even ministry. Go to God to know if you are where He wants you to be and follow His leading.

If God’s plan for you is to be in Lagos at a particular time and you are in London, you will keep struggling. If God want you to be in Akure and you run to Abuja, nothing really will work. If God wants you in Accra and you are in Aberdeen, nothing will work.

We are all like seeds, our level of fruitfulness is determined by the right land, place we are. Can you imagine planting good cocoa seeds in a place like northern Nigeria, no matter how good the seed, no matter how many effort you put to grow it, it will be struggling. Not because the seed is bad but it is in a wrong place. Same thing is applicable to everyone. The place we choose determine your fruitfulness. David said, “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good inheritance.” Psalm 16:6.

That is the reason we must walk with the Lord and follow the leading of Holy Spirit, not only to make heaven but also not to miss destiny on earth. When you desire to seek the will of God in everything, you will not be roaming about on earth without a divine guide.

Let me round up my story. So in July 2013 I decided to first move to Abuja and get accommodation so my wife could come the following few days. My brother in-law helped with N250,000. From it we bought products of about N100K, travelled and ate from it. As I arrived Abuja, I called one estate agent who wanted to take me to a room apartment, and he told me to wait for him in front of a bank. I went there, waiting.

As I was waiting the Holy Spirit told me to look at my back and enter inside a close street which I obeyed; the road ended with a big compound, the Lord led me to enter inside, without knowing anyone or seeing any sign of room for rent outside. I got inside the compound, I saw room for rent, they allowed part payment, and I got it. I slept there from that night.

Do you know God is interested in where you live including the house you rent, the shop you rent, the suit you rent for office, the land you buy to build house or to farm? If you miss God’s will in any of these, you will keep struggling and you will wrongly blame others or yourself.

Beloved, let God lead you in everything, don’t choose by your own wisdom.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3: 5,6.


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