The church cannot overcome terrorists outside because they have been overpowered by terrorist inside which is Mammon – love of money.

All the the churches who are collecting without distributing what they collect are overpowered.

All these churchs’ private universities, secondary and primary schools with higher schools more than governments school fees are already overpowered Mammon. They don’t have money for free education, free library, free primary health centres but they have money to build N5billions auditorium, private jets, etc.

All the churches with private jet pastors are slaves of Mammon.

You know why the early church was committed to daily distribution of food and necessasities for the whole church and Apostle Peter, the seemly General Overseer, did not have coins of silver and gold let alone having a private jets or being in the list of the richest pastors? It’s because they knew welfare of the members is the primary responsibility of the church not the government.

The church in Nigeria collects more money from people than what the governments collect from the people.

There cannot be a good politician when the pastors are not godly. When the senior pastors hire police to protect them and they tell members to trust God for their protections after collecting their money, do you expect the politicians to do lesser?

The solution to the problems in Nigeria or Africa is not good politicians but godly pastors, it’s not good governance but godly church.

The Bible says when your light becomes darkness, how tick will be the darkness? The light of a country the church, the angel is the pastor not the politician, and when the church becomes corrupt and the angels turn to wolfs, the result is what you will see in Nigeria.

Let’s repent from the love of Mammon and return to our first love before the terrorists outside conquer the church as it happened to Turkey.

God bless you.

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