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With my few years in business as a child of God, I can categorically tell you this that If you are a true child of God doing business, you believe in holiness, righteousness and integrity and yet you don’t know how to hear from God, you don’t know and follow the daily leading of the Holy Spirit in your day to day activities of your business or career, IT IS NOT AND NEVER POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO PROSPER OR SUCCEED.

Listen, this world is corrupt and this generation is super corrupt and evil, and so many Christians who claim to be successful in business are compromising, compromisers from Deeper Life, Redeemed and others. You see, business is a different world with sinful systems especially if you aim to the top. You will get to a point that you must choose to let go of your salvation or the business. And unfortunately many, so many including the believers of holiness, are letting go of their Bible standard because of earthly success and money.

In the business world, you don’t want to lie, you don’t want to bribe, you don’t want to forge, you don’t want to join occult group, you don’t want to compromise holiness and you are in business, yet you don’t know how to listen to the voice of God, you don’t know how to discern the leading of Holy Spirit in your business, then it is not possible for you to prosper if you are in this generation.

This reality was so obvious many years before that believers thought children of God could not prosper in this sinful world; they thought how would that christian survive the sinful and corrupt business atmosphere? But that is NOT the best conclusion, and the solution is not for a child of God not to aim to prosper or to go into high level business. God want to bless His children, to prosper them even like Abraham in this generation for the glory of God and blessing of His kingdom.

And compromising with the world, joining them in evil neither the solution, that is earthly and ETERNAL destructive.

The secret of prosperity and success in business as holiness believing Christians is ABILITY TO KNOW THE DAILY LEADING OF HOLY SPIRIT and FOLLOW IT.

The Bible says,
“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left.” Isaiah 30:21

That is the secret and sure of way of success in business for every child of God – divine leading of Holy Spirit.

Anyone who claims to be a child of God can does not know how to receive God’s leading, how to know God’s leading and how to discover it, that christian is the most miserable.

Our primary focus as children of God is not how to speak in tongues or prophesy but to hear from our loving heavenly Father, His leading and guidance in this wilderness world.

God bless you

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