The money you are running after which is making you not to have time for your salvation, which is making you to compromise your faith, after the Rapture, you will not be able collect the money in the bank if you don’t collect the mark of the beast, if you keep the money in your house, you will not be able to spend it. The job that made you falsified your age, information or compromise your faith, after the rapture, you will not be able to do the job without collecting the mark of the beast.

While you are running inside the bush, you will not be able to drive that beautiful car or sleep in the beautiful house. The position you want to kill yourself for now, you will not be able to retain it except you bow and worship Satan. The makeup, ungodly dresses, and all others which you can’t do without now, you will not even remember them after you miss the rapture. Your popular prosperity preachers, these earthly focused prayer ministers, your Bishop, Daddy GO, Senior Pastor, motivational speakers who refuse to teach you genuine salvation, restitution and impeding rapture will be hiding their faces in shame. All their messages of breakthrough, divine establishment, divine success, open heaven of blessing, waves of glory, abundant blessings, prophetic utterances, anointing for higher level, 5 Sunday of anointing, 100 days of fasting and prayer – all these will be useless to you after the rapture.

And if you receive the mark of the beast, you will only have three and half years before eternal torments will begin and the great judgment Day that will usher you into eternal perdition where you will spend eternity with devil and his demon forever and ever and ever. What a fool the devil is making out of you now!

You need not to miss the rapture; you need not to face the Great Tribulation. If you are not sure of your position if rapture should take place now, if you are not sure of your spiritual level, if you are not sure of your salvation and if you are not sure if you are still standing in faith, the best is to rededicate your life to Jesus Christ and start again now. You have nothing to lose by starting with God afresh or by rededicating your life to Jesus Christ anew; you will have many things to gain. All you need now is to realize all your sins, all together, not some, and ready to forsake all of them. Then ask God to forgive you and cleanse you. And you separate yourself from all those sinful works, ways, things, people, friendship, relationship, materials, etc. And you devote yourself to Jesus Christ.

If you would like to surrender your life to Jesus Christ or you want to rededicate your life to Jesus, all you need to do is to repent, confess your sins and forsake them as you accept Jesus Christ into your life, for more explanation on genuine salvation and rededication, please click on this link, read and pray as directed

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