Psalm 106:39, “Thus they were defiled by their own works, And played the harlot by their own deeds.”

Another major means Satan is secretly defiling many believers after they are saved are worldly movies and TV programs. What you watch on TV has a serious impart on your heart and life, and in a long run, determines your eternity. If you expose yourself to watch ungodly things on TV, you will get your soul defiled and destroyed at last. Do you wonder why many Christians do rise and fall? Why many repeatedly get weak and drained in their Christian lives? Do you wonder why your spiritual life has not been moving forward as it is supposed? Maybe you should check what you have been watching on TV. When a child of God is watching worldly movies or TV shows, such things do not only defile his soul, but they also drain his spiritual strength and make him dry in the spirit.

Take note how you feel in your spirit after watching those movies, wrestling or those TV shows – do you feel refreshed in your spirit or empty? They drain spiritual strength and make you dry in your prayer life and Bible reading. Many also have been possessed, polluted and perverted through such demonic movies and TV programs. Many have been possessed with the spirit of lust and immorality, many souls have been polluted and many have been experiencing nightmare as a result of watching worldly movies.

Many Christians are too addicted to such worldly movies that they can’t do without them. But if you really want to be serious with your spiritual life, if you want to get rid of hidden defilement and move better in your walk with God, you must do away with these:

(1) DEFILING MOVIES: Any movies or films that do not glorify God’s name, in short, about 95% of Non-Christian movies. All season movies, all types of movies shown on Africa magic, all Nigerian Nollywood movies, most Hollywood movies. There are some movies that are not Christian movies but decent which a child of God can watch, maybe like 10% of Hollywood movies, about history and documentary; but you must be prayerful and watchful before you watch any of such movies. Any movie that shows nude or promotes ungodly ideology should be avoided. If you are watching a movie which is supposedly to be good type, and you see immoral or ungodly ideology along, you must immediately stop watching and destroy the disk or change the channel as the case may be, even if it claims to be a Christian types.

A serious minded Christian should not get involve in ANY season films, even if they are decent. How will you spend hours watching a movie while you should pray, read your Bible and evangelize in season and out of season? No matter how decent and educative a documentary or movie is, decent time should be spent on them. If you are a heavenly minded Christian, you should not stay watching movies or TV more than the time you spend in your personal prayer, that should be a yardstick for your time management in front of TV. It is a sin to stay in front of TV for whatever reason if you have not fully observed your personal devotion of Bible reading and prayer for that day.

Every Nigerian Nollywood movies and African magic movies, either English or local language, should be avoided, they have nothing to add to your life but to defile you.

(2) WRESTLING: As a regenerated child of God, can you defend your reason for watching wrestling? Is it because you want to learn how to fight or you like watching people fighting? A serious minded Christian, who is keeping his heart pure, will not stay in front of TV to delight in people fighting. We should repent and detach ourselves from such activity.

(3) UNGODLY TV PROGRAMS: American Idol, Big brother Africa, MTN Project fame, Dance competition, Gulder Ultimate search, Entertainment show, etc are programs inspired by Satan to defile and destroy souls. The purpose of such program is to pollute youth and distract them from the things of God. If you have been involved in watching such programs or you are one of their fans, you need to repent and disassociate yourself from them, both on TV and on internet – facebook like, etc.

These are satanic secrets revealed, it may be bitter but better for the wise. It takes being wise to be warned in this end time. If you want to go far with God, you must go far from the world. There are edifying and better things you can use your TV, DVD Player and time for, it will be absolutely stupid to use your own belongings to ruin your soul and children. There are many Christian movies, Bible stories children of God and Christian family can watch which will edify them. You will get to a point in your Christian life that you will not want to spend your time on anything that will not edify you or others; it is then that your mind is fixed and set for heaven, without shaking.

God bless you as you obey. If you have any question or you need more enlightenment on this article, you can contact us.

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