The average woman eats 4 to 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, up to one pound per year, that’s somewhere between 481 and 1083 tubes.

A study conducted back in 2004 found that 28% of lipsticks contained cancer-causing chemicals. Modern lipsticks are formulated from upwards of 10,000 chemicals, 89% of which have never been tested for human safety. Additionally, those who use lipstick for 3 days increase their risk of developing lupus by 40%.

From the above studies, it shows using lipstick is as dangerous to human health almost like drinking alcohol or smoking.

Now, as a Christian woman, do you see that using lipstick is not only a false appearance but a dangerous health hazard? Or you want to keep using it by faith? Such faith is not in God but in Satan.

When you claim that using lipstick has nothing to do with your faith, that God does care about your body but He looks to the heart not lips. Wow, good defense, but when the chemicals you licked up in your lipsticks cause health problems to your body, will you still ask God who doesn’t care about your body to heal you? Will you ask God who doesn’t care about using lipstick cares to heal you from sickness caused by the lipstick?

Don’t let Satan deceive you, face the truth. Lipstick is health destructive like drinking, smoking and more than that, it is false, deceptive and scary. Painting lips red or in any color does not represent anything about Christianity but blood shocking vampires and satanic agents.

Repent and reject sinful materials in your possessions.

2 Kings 9:30, “Now when Jehu had come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she put paint on her eyes and adorned her head, and looked through a window.”

Are you ready to rededicate your life to Jesus now and start a new life? Then repent! Confess all your sins, forsake them all and ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse you and save you. Please click on this link and read on how to be genuinely saved and start new life in Jesus and pray as directed http://www.facebook.com/notes/revelation-of-truth-evangelical-ministries-rtem/how-can-i-be-saved/270674586372252

RTEM: rtemoutreach.org

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