Some weeks ago, my wife and I were sitting in the living room and she told me, “Honey, the AC is too high…..” So I reduced the AC temperature low. Then I remembered what I told her about six years ago when we newly married:

Two days to our wedding in April 20th 2013, I could only afford to get a shop-turned-to-room accommodation, at the back of a non-functioning MRS Petrol Station then, close to Omole estate gate (Phase 1). The heat was too much that sometime unbearable that we had to go out. We couldn’t afford to buy any type of Fan because we didn’t have the money, and more than that, the room had no electricity, it was abandoned for some time, and since the Filling station was no longer working. Inside the same small shop, we were sleeping, sitting, cooking, eating, washing plates, and most importantly, praying and reading Bible.

And sometimes, inside the room, when we opened the door, a fresh air would just blow in and cooled us from the heat, and then I told my wife, “WE NEED TO THANK GOD NOW FOR THIS FRESH AIR WE DO NOT PAY FOR, WE NEED TO APPRECIATE GOD NOW FOR THIS, NOT UNTIL THEN WHEN WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONAL BEFORE WE WILL BEGIN TO THANK HIM.” Sometimes, inside the same room, my wife and I would be praising and thanking God for about 2 hours-non-stop. And now, sometimes, in the cool AC living room, we are still praising God 2 hours non-stop. Now, when I look back, I see God’s faithfulness in my family and I thank Him for helping us to faithfully serve and praise Him in the overheated room then and now!

Brethren, praising God in ugly situation is an evidence of your confidence in God for beautiful things ahead; you need not to wait until things change for better before you begin to joyfully praise and thank God. You know what? Praising God in a bad situation is putting the devil to shame and propelling the power of God.

Are you so much in need now? God will provide soon that later you will look back and be amazed, but between now and then, look at that thing God is providing, no matter how small, appreciate Him for that now. You think you are not making it in life with all your effort, but some are not only making it but they are mad, physically or spiritually; but you must thank God that He is making you for greatness.

You are schooling and suffering with little or no help, thank God for still being in school, God will see you through, do you know that soon, you will be giving scholarships to students? But then you need to thank Him now, not until then.

Single and waiting brothers and sisters, you need to thank God for still being single for better; what if you had married the wrong person and you are now in a miserable, no turning back marriage? So many are married now and wish to be single again to make a better marital choice, but alas, impossible. But God singlehandedly preserve you for the best.

Whatever your needs, whatever your situation, there is always one or two things to thank God for now with all your heart; praising God is an evidence of a grateful heart of what God is doing, assurance of greater things He will do.

Whatever the situation or condition, you must not stop serving God faithfully and praising Him heartfully, it’s then your love for God is unconditional.

God bless you!


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