God has been doing so many wonderful things for me and my people this week, one of them is what I want to share with you now:

I travelled with one of my company’s staff to another state, with the company’s car, then from there I joined public transport to another city, and the brother drove back with some items in the car. As he was driving back to Abuja, he had issues with the Police on the road, the Police discovered a mistake in the chassis number of the car in the paper, the VIO made a computer mistake in putting the chassis number of the car in the vehicle paper, they included an extra number. The brother appealed to the Police officers that he would correct the error when he gets to Abuja, but the Police refused and were expecting he him to “settle”. When the brother called me, I told him, “Please don’t give any bribe on behalf of the company, the company does not give bribe for any reason” Later the Police allowed him to go.

But when he got the another Police checking point, and the same error was discovered, this set of Police officers at that point refused to listen to any explanation and asked the brother to drive to their station, and it was getting late. To “settle” the Police with about N500 would settle whole the matter, but I know the day I agree to give bribe, I will die (spiritually), meaning that I will displease and disappoint God. I called the VIO officer who registered the car in Abuja, he apologized and promised to correct it, but the Police refused to listen. And then I searched the Police contacts online, and called the commissioner of Police in Abuja, explained the whole matter to him and asked him to help in the matter so that the Police officers in Kogi state would let my staff go with the vehicle. The commissioner said he could not help in the matter, and that I would need to go and collect paper from VIO office in Abuja to acknowledge the error and clear my car in Kogi state.

So I concluded the only way out was to tell Sam (My staff) to leave the car and the items at the Police Station, find any hotel to sleep overnight if he can’t get transport to Abuja, it was already getting late and then join transport to Abuja the following morning to get paper from VIO office in Abuja. I made up my mind that I better let go than to let my action offend God, I better suffer than to sin, I better spend N50,000 in standing for my faith in Christ than to spend N500 and sin against God and compromise.

When there was no hope of any way out, God intervened. You know what? The Lord led me to search further online and I got the contact of Assistant Inspector General of Police in Abuja, I called and explained the matter to him that the Police in Kogi State are holding my staff with vehicle because of a single computer mistake of chassis number on the paper which VIO made. The AIG asked my staff to call him, and he spoke with the Police in Kogi, within few minutes, he was let go with the car without paying a penny, and he arrived home safely to meet his family.

As I was happy and grateful to God for His intervention, the Lord made me to know that many times, Christians in these days do not wait for His intervention before we compromise; we are not ready to stand for Christ, to suffer for righteousness and to stand till the end, but we join the world to play smart, to sin, to compromise our standard because of suffering or delay. The Lord made me to know that the church, Christians in this generation are not experiencing the power of God as of old, the miraculous intervention of God, the salvation of God because we are not standing for Christ till the end.

Beloved, if we want to see the power of God as of old, the salvation and miraculous intervention of God, the glory of God and His blessing as of old in our life, ministry, marriage, business, health, career, etc., we must be ready to stand for Christ to the end without compromise, we must be ready to suffer for the sake of our faith and love for God, even if He does not show up as we expect, we will always be sure of His presence with us and assurance of heaven.

The three Hebrews in Babylon told the King, “…. our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.” Daniel 3:17, 18.

We must decide and determine to follow Jesus and stand for His truth and righteousness to the very end no matter what, no turning back.

May the Lord help us to the end.
“He that endures to the end will be saved”


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