Majority of sins people commit are as a result of fear; Satan ensnares people with sin through fear. Why have you not totally surrendered your life to Jesus? It is because of fear of what people will say and how it will go with you. Why are you still covering a particular sin of your past? It’s because of fear of what people will say. Why have you not done the necessary restitution till now? It is because of fear of what will happen after. Why are you still in a sinful relationship or in ungodly profession or company? It is because of fear of uncertainty. If you should be sincere with yourself, why do you tell lie? It is because of the fear of how people will respond to the truth? Why did you forge or falsify your document, your age to get job or your paper done? It is because of fear of what to eat and how to survive. Why did you steal and embezzle? It is because of fear of life. Why do you find it hard to confess and open up what you did wrong? It is simply because of the fear of how people will respond. Why do people keep displeasing God in order to please men? Because of fear of men. Why are you still in the occult group? It’s because of fear. And you know what? If you don’t loose yourself now by the Truth, Satan will use that fear to hold and ensnare you till you land in hell.

Before sin is fear. As it is impossible to please God without faith, it is impossible to remain under Satan bondage without fear. There are different types of satanic fear: There is fear of uncertainty, fear of men, fear of the future, economic fear, egoistic fear, surviving fear, unknown fear, etc. Devil uses these to keep people under his bondage of sin until no chance for a second chance.

It is a sin to fear any man or anything, only God alone is to be feared; fearing any one or anything less than God Almighty only brings snares. But the truth is that it is easier to be free from fear that to fear, it is so easy to get freedom from fear than to remain in the bondage of fear. All you need is FAITH! If you have faith in your self or in any religion, you will be seriously disappointed, but the faith you need is faith in Jesus Christ. By faith you receive salvation; after salvation, by faith you work out your salvation, you work away from sinful things; by faith you open up, by faith you reject sinful benefits and hold on to God. By faith you do restitution, by faith you silent fear and free yourself through faith in Jesus Christ. By faith you please God. Faith will make you free from snares of sin, while others are compromising and falling into the snares of sins because of fear, you will stand firm in faith in Christ without compromise.

If you want to genuinely give your life to Jesus or rededicate your life to Him, please click on this link, read and pray as directed

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