2 Timothy 1:7, ” For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Do you wonder why many genuine children of God are being attacked by demonic people? It is because of fear. You can be a child of God and still remain under bondage of Satan and evil people, why? Because of fear! Without fear, it is impossible for a child of God to be attacked by Satan. When you genuinely give your life to Jesus Christ, you have power and authority over Satan, demons and all demonic people Matthew 10:1. But while you are suppose to command authority over evil spirits, they can exercise authority over you if you are afraid of them.

You Know What?
You can be a child of God and the ship of your marriage,ministry, health, family and finance can sink if you are afraid, simple. Jesus Christ was in the ship with His disciples, yet the devil was terrifying them, almost sinking the ship while Jesus was right inside the ship, you know why? Because of fear and lack of faith. Jesus told them, ” “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” Mark 4: 40. The same thing maybe applicable to you as a child of God; why is Satan terrifying you? Why is your ship getting sinking while Jesus is right inside there with you? Enough! Rise in faith and your fear will run away. Command in Jesus name and peace will be still and prosperity and progress will follow!

Many children of God think they need special anointing before they can overcome principalities and power, no, what they need is faith in Jesus Christ. If you call the name of Jesus without faith in that name, it may not always work for you. You can be a sinless Christian and remain in the snare of satanic attack, simply because of fear.

If you have been attacked by evil people before you gave your life to Jesus, and after you are saved, you are still afraid instead of you to exercise authority in Jesus name, you will remain under the attack. Do you know how Satan brings children of God under his snare of attack? It is by scaring, he scares people by dreams, by negative thoughts and evil utterances of demonic people; instead of such children of the most high God to exercise authority to resist the devil, reject the thoughts and rebuke those dirty demonic people and cast down every evil imagination, they become afraid and fall victim.

You know what? It will be biblically impossible for you to overcome what you are afraid of, it is just God’s mercy that preserves us most times. Fear brings you into the snare of what you are afraid of; if you are afraid of wizards and witches, you will be ensnared by them. Churches and pastors who preach and pray mostly about demonic attacks are under the bondage of Satan. It is also one of the major distractions of Satan in the churches today; while we ought to be praying for more of God’s grace and righteousness in our lives, we are busy chasing after witchcraft; while we suppose to be running away from sins, we are running away from enemies, and while we ought to be running after God’s kingdom and His righteousness, we are running after “so called” deliverance.

If you always have the consciousness and awareness of demonic attacks in your life, if you always pray and fast against attack of the enemies, it means you are already under the bondage of Satan. Christians who pray every time against attacks of witches, wizards, or demonic people are under the snare of the devil, they will never be free, because they will never stop such prayers. Churches and Christians who pray “demonic and enemies” prayers are never free because they never stop praying such prayers. Some of them have been praying such prayers for the past 20 years and they still pray it till today; they believe enemies are siting on their destinies, and so it happens, they believe enemies are covering their destines and so the enemies do; they are never free from the bondage of witches and demonic people, they will never be free until they have faith in Jesus because It will happens to you according to your faith.

If you are a child of God, your priority is purity of life, because purity gives power over sin, Satan and all his demonic and human agents. You cannot run away from sins and run away from Satan at the same time; you cannot run away from unrighteousness and run away from witches and wizards at the same time. When you surrender your life to Jesus and run away from sin, Satan is under your feet and demonic people will see you and run away. Today, Christians run away from demonic people, because of fear. Many are so afraid that they don’t go to Barbing shop to cut their hair, being afraid of the demonic barbers using their hair. Churches who preach and pray always on demonic attacks are teaching the doctrines of demons, Bible only teaches us to exercise authority over them and focus on righteousness and evangelism. Running from pillar to post because of problems of enemies is because something is wrong with you; you are either under the bondage of sin or snare of fear.

In Jesus is freedom and total freedom. You need total freedom from bondage of sin by repenting and surrendering your entire life to Jesus. You need total freedom over Satan and his principalities by faith in Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus Christ, the Blood of Jesus Christ and fire of Holy Spirit are three spiritual weapons for every child of God which no Satan, no powers, no principalities, no personalities, no people or person can withstand in our lives. Philippians 2:10, 11. Revelation 12:11. Hebrews 12:29.

If you want to genuinely give your life to Jesus or rededicate your life to Him, please click on this link, read and pray as directed

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