From 2008 when the Lord began to prepare me for the ministry He had for me, I started reading Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and that I have been doing for these 10 years: 2008 to 2018. Looking back, I discover I have not read any book except the Bible for these 10 years, not that I decided to or planned to but I just looked back and realized it has been so. Not even Christian book, devotional book, business book, manufacturing book, but God made it so, He restrained and retained me on reading and studying only Bible morning and evening as much as possible for this 10 years. Now, these are the things only Bible has done for me in these 10 years:

In Ministry
I started ministry in 2012, but I never been to ministry school, Bible school or any ministerial training school or read ministerial books except the Bible; I don’t read books to get message except Bible, and God has given about 300 messages from the Bible in these 10 years. God has used these messages to win souls, blesse lives, ministries and marriages worldwide. I have preached online, on whatsapp, in seminars, in churches, in programs and on radio these messages the Lord revealed to me from the Bible. If you come to my ministerial library in these 10 years, you will only see Bible.

In Business
I started business in 2013 with my dear wife, but I never read a single business book these 10 years except Bible. I get my business ideas from the Bible, I get my business seminars and training from the Bible. We started over our business with about N60,000 in January 2014, and we made about N6000,000 that same year, and God has been helping us till date. All the ideas I get from the Bible alone. I got my new business name from the Bible.

“You can’t succeed in business in this 21st Century without reading, and that I do but reading Bible alone.” Gideon AKANDE

There are so many great and hidden secrets of successful business in the Bible more than any book or all those prosperity books. And the amazing good thing is that you will get them free of charge in the Bible by the help of Holy Spirit. If you come to my business office, you will see Bible as my business master book.

In Production
I get secrets of ingredients for better and unique production from the Bible and it has been so amazing to the world. For example, when I started reading Bible again this year, I read where Jesus rebuked the scribes and Pharisees, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone. Matthew 23:23. Already, we use mint and anise in our production, but I am going into research benefits of combination of mint, anise and cumin for skincare, hair care or for personal healthcare.

I got name for our product from the Bible. When I went to trademark office at the ministry of trade and industry in Abuja to do trademark, all the other names I had in mind were either disqualified or had been registered by another company except the name God gave me from the book of Genesis in the Bible.

In Business Management
So far in the business, by God’s grace, we have 10 full time workers and 4-part time workers, in managing the business, dealing with workers, dealing with distributors, strategizing, envisioning, progressing, expanding and so on, we get ideas from the Bible and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

In Conclusion
I didn’t plan to find myself in reading Bible alone for these 10 years because there are lots of wonderful Christian and business books out there, but I thank God that I’m blessing reading my Bible alone in these 10 years, it has been great! I read Bible for my spiritual life, ministry and business enrichment. There is no book on earth as so loaded with blessings, power of God, inspiration, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, comfort, assurance of the present and future as BIBLE.

If we read Bible from Genesis to Revelation for 1000 times, we can’t exhaust up to 35% of its treasury reserves, and we can’t exploit or utilize the spiritual, financial, ministerial or marital enrichment of the Bible up to 30% even if we study it 2 hours per day. The Bible is so heavenly enriched and it is renewed every day that if you have read from Genesis to Revelation last year, it will be as if you never read Bible before if start over again this year.

Reading Bible is good but you need to repent and be genuinely saved before it will make a great sense and profit for your soul, spirit and body. Without genuine salvation that gives you the Holy Spirit, reading Bible becomes boring, wearisome and tiresome. Because Bible is not just a Christian religious book, but a Christian personal relationship Book with God.

I think you are blessed by this testimony? Be more blessed as you read, study and meditate your Bible every day! Hey, you can still read your Bible from Genesis to Revelation this year if you determine to do so.

NOTE: If you are a new convert, you gave your life to Jesus this year 2019 and you don’t have a Bible and you can afford to get one, please send your name and address to and we will arrange to get one across to you within a short time as much as we can.

God bless you


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