– With Practical Examples.

Every child of God needs blessings in one or two aspects of his or her life. It may be financial blessing, marital blessing, child bearing blessing, healing blessing, academic blessing, and so many others. And we know several means of receiving the blessing of God; we pray to God, “God, please bless meeeeeeeeeeeeee” We praise God because it opens doors of God’s blessings. We include fasting with prayer, we give and so on. But there are some secrets of receiving abundant blessings of God which many children of God do not know, they become hidden from many and that is what I want to share with you by the help of God.

But you must know that these secrets are for children of God who have experienced the transformation and salvation of Jesus Christ, these are the people these secrets work for.

So let’s start with the first one:
While prayer, fasting, praises, giving, and sharing attract God’s blessing, do you know that doing evangelism by winning souls for God may attract God’s blessings into your life much more? Evangelism is the heartbeat of God, if there is anything you can do that will touch God’s heart is winning soul into His Kingdom.

We have heard that praises and thanksgiving is God’s food, but doing evangelism and winning soul is God’s favorite food then. “Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.” John 4:34.

What Does Evangelism Means?
Doing Evangelism is not just to be a worker in the church or to be a choir or usher or a minister in the church. Does is evangelism is personal, it’s preaching and reaching out to sinners through the gospel of Jesus Christ by different means – one on one evangelism, Facebook Evangelism, email evangelism, SMS evangelism, sharing tracts evangelism, morning cry evangelism, preaching inside public transport evangelism, workplace/business place evangelism, etc.

Evangelism is the only means by which the Kingdom of God is expanded, not by being busy with church/ ministry activities. You Can be so busy in your church and with ministerial activities and still have a zero evangelism life.

Apart from the great reward waiting in heaven, evangelism brings God’s blessings into our lives. There are some blessings prayer and fasting will not do, that praises and thanksgiving will not do that only evangelism will do. I have seen and heard of God blessing people amazingly because of their evangelism, I have been seeing God’s blessing in my life beyond my expectation as a result of evangelism.

I heard of a brother some years back, when there was no Whatsapp and much Facebook and mobile internet in Nigeria, he had no job but decided to be sending Bible verses SMS to the contacts on his phone as much as he could, and God gave him job with MTN, rewarded him for using his MTN line for evangelism.

I was single and searching for the right lady for several years until one day the Lord ministered to me to stop searching and start preaching. So I started evangelical work online and within one year, the Lord settled me and I got married rightly.

Are you trusting God and waiting for admission into school? Occupy yourself with personal evangelism and the Lord will give you the right admission miraculously.

Are you trusting God for a job or wanting to start your own business? Occupy yourself with personal evangelism and you will be surprised what the Lord will do.

Are you waiting for the right marital partner? What are you waiting for? Get yourself busy with personal evangelism and God will be busy on your behalf. I have never seen a single Christian who devote himself or herself for personal evangelism and is not well settled martially.

Are you trusting God for childbearing in your marriage? Then begin to bear spiritual children by personal evangelism and physical children will be added. God is a faithful God of addition, He promised if we seek His kingdom first (bringing people into His kingdom by personal evangelism) all others will be added to it. So what are you waiting for?

I have been seeing God’s hands tremendously in my business because we surrendered our business to be used as a medium of evangelism. Hey, it’s working tremendously! If you are using your business as means of evangelism to people you come across in your business, even by simply putting tracts on your desk, if you are doing evangelism through your job in your workplace to your fellow workers and clients/customers without being ashamed or intimidated, you will see God’s blessing and promotions and increase tremendously. While others are going down, you will be going up because He will give you more privilege to witness for Him.

You know what happened to Paul? Apostle Paul faithfully witnessed about Jesus Christ in Jerusalem and God was so pleased that He gave him better opportunity to go to Rome for more witnesses, an international opportunity. “But the following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Be of good cheer, Paul; for as you have testified for Me in Jerusalem, so you must also bear witness at Rome.” Acts 23:11.

You know why you have not gone beyond your Jerusalem in your business, career, workplace or even ministry? It may be because you are not rightly witnessing about Jesus Christ for soul-winning. You desire increase in your business, promotion in your workplace, expansion in your ministry? Then start focusing on soul-winning, personal evangelism and you will be surprised what the LORD will do. It works tremendously!

When we are busy doing the work of evangelism, God will be busy doing what no man can do in our marital lives, in our businesses, in our families, in our health, in our academics, in our workplace, etc.

Prayer can move the hands of God, praise and thanksgiving moves God and personal evangelism makes God personally do what no man can do in our lives. Praying moves God’s hands but doing evangelism touches God’s heart!

Say God:
“I have been worried about my marital life, waiting for Your will in marriage, but from now on I will not wait in worries, but I will wake up in personal evangelism and I hand over my marital life to You”

“Lord, I have been waiting in worry for admission into school, for child bearing, for provision, for this or that, but from now on, I hand over all my worries to You and I will focus on preaching Your word and winning souls into Your Kingdom.”

“I have been busy with my education, career, job, business that I have no enough time for personal evangelism; Lord I repent, please forgive me. From now I will evangelize Your Gospel by every means and in everything I do.”


What are you waiting for? Do it!

Gideon Akande

By God’s grace, I will continue with another secret of touching God’s heart for your desired blessing. You can receive these messages in your email by subscribing on our website

Be blessed!

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