(Being Spiritual does not mean you must not be successful in business, and being successful in Business should not hinder you from being Spiritually fervent!)

There are 3 aspects of our lives that a single Bible verse admonishes every child of God to be doing very well in, not just well. So, in any case, one should not be an excuse for the other. Let’s look at the word of God:

“Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord” Romans 12:11. KJV.

Business here can be your academics as a student, it can be your job as an employee, it can be your career or your business. Being a genuine of God who believe in life of holiness and righteousness is not a reason to be slothful in business or to be a failure. The word of God admonishes us not to be slothful in whatsoever business we are doing. Since a child of God cannot do a sinful or illegal business, then we must be successful in it.

God does not want us to be the tail in business but the head, and we don’t just claim it by prayer alone, we must be hardworking and diligent to break grounds, break through the limitations, to be innovative, to make new research and developments, to be exceptional, committed and devoted with God’s help.

I remember when I was in Deeper Life Youth Fellowship, we said “We are victorious youth of this generation!” So also is every child of God. A victorious child of God is not a lazy, slothful or failure student; a victorious brother or sister does not seat down jobless waiting for employment after graduation, if no organization employs you, you go ahead and employ yourself, you are a victorious graduate, right?

Being a child of God is not an excuse for failure in academics, career or business; even if you a fashion designer that does not involve in worldly fashion, you can still be successful by diligence, research and hardworking with God’s help. God wants His children to excel and be outstanding, to breakthrough with new research, innovations and development in our various endeavors. Amen!

To be fervent in spirit here means to be on fire for God, lively in your prayer life, in your Bible reading and study life, in your relationship with God without allowing any compromise. Being successful in academic or because you want to excel above others in your career or in your business does not means you should not have time for your spiritual life or you should join sinful and ungodly groups.

We must not allow any earthly pursuit to affect our spiritual life that we will not be fervent in on spiritual life. Our spiritual life should be our priority in life, not our business and not even the services of God. We must balance everything appropriately.

We have talked about not being slothful in business, about being fervent in spirit, and now is serving the Lord. There is a difference between being fervent in the spirit and serving the Lord. To be fervent in spirit is about your personal relationship with God, your personal Christian living, your personal prayer life, your personal Bible reading, your personal growing in the Lord. But serving the Lord means to involve yourself in the service of God in ministerial work, in preaching the word of God, in intercessory prayer, in evangelism and edification.

Our aim of being successful must not affect our service or ministry negatively, and our service and busy activities in the service of God must not hinder or hamper our personal spiritual life. They are three different things.

Balancing The Three
As children of God, we must not be slothful in business but successful, we must be fervent in spirit and we must serve the Lord in every capacity He gives us in the ministry, in the church and in our personal evangelism.

May the Lord help us to be counted worthy and be faithful and fruitful servants on the last day.

Gideon Akande.

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God bless you.

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