Psalm 106:39, “Thus they were defiled by their own works, And played the harlot by their own deeds.”

As the devil has device several means to defile Christians who are determined to make heaven, in order to tarnish their white garments without their knowledge, he is using little, little strategies which we do not count or take note of, and this will hinder many from making heaven. As the Spirit of God opens our eyes, we should take prompt correction and amend our ways. Here is what our Lord Jesus Christ revealed to a sister, Angelica Zambrano, to expose Satan’s devices to defile children, and to help us to correct ourselves.

SECRET REVEALED: “….As we left that place and He (Jesus) told me, “I want to show you something else… There are also children in this place.” And I replied, “Children in this place, Lord? Why are there children here? Jesus replied, “Daughter, it’s true, of such is the kingdom of Heaven, but that child must come to Me, for he who comes to Me I will not throw out.”(John 6:37). Instantly, the Lord showed me an eight year old boy being tormented in fire. The boy cried, “Lord have mercy of me, take me out of this place, I don’t want to be here!” He kept crying and screaming. I saw demons around this boy, that resembled cartoon figures. There was Dragon Balls Z, Ben 10, Pokémon, Doral, etc. “Lord, why is this boy here?” Jesus showed me a large screen of this boy’s life. I saw how he would spend all of his time in front of the TV, watching these cartoons.

Jesus said, “Daughter, these animated cartoons, those movies, those soap operas that are seen daily on TV are satan’s instruments to destroy humanity…Look, Daughter how this came to be.”Daughter, go and tell parents to instruct their child as is written in My Word. (Proverbs 22:6)” The Word of God is real, it tells us to correct a child with the rod, but not every moment, only when the child has been disobedient to his parents. (Proverbs 22:15)”

The Lord told me something that is very sad and very painful. He said, “Daughter, there are many children in this place because of animated cartoons, because of rebellion.” I asked Him, “Lord, why are animated cartoons to blame for this?” And He explained, “Because they are demons that carry rebellion, disobedience, bitterness and hatred to children; and other demons enter these children, so that they do not do good things, but do that which is bad: whatever children see on TV, they want to do in reality.” Hell exists, hell is real, and even children must decide with whom they will go. I said, “Lord, tell me, why are there children in this place?” And Jesus answered, “Once children have knowledge that there is a heaven and a hell, then they have a place to choose.”

If you allow your children to watch any cartoon apart from Bible stories, you are simply exposing them to demons; if you also involve in watching cartoon other than Christian types which will help you in God’s way, you are digging pit of hell for yourself. Repentance is a matter of urgency here. You should explain to your children about this, and destroy all the animated DVDs, delete the channel in your TV cable; if you have any item like bag, bottle, ball, whatever, which has the pictures of Ben 10 or any animated figure, you need to destroy them so as to get yourself and your child rid of satanic pictures.

It is important for us to lead our children to Jesus Christ as soon they are about 7 years old; you should explain salvation in Jesus Christ to them, and tell them how to be saved by repentance, confession of sins and living a new life in Jesus. You also need to help them to pray and read their Bible every day, and get them Bible materials, movies and music that will help their spiritual lives.

….This Study continues in Part 3 with another common defilement.

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