Do you remember the story of Prophet Nathan’s parable to King David in the Bible? About the rich man who had exceedingly many flocks and herds, but when he had a visitor, he went ahead to kill the only single young lamb of a very poor man. When David had about the story he was very angry and took a oath to punish the man. 2 Samuel 12:1-6. But if it were to be modern pastors of today, like Pastor Adeboye or Oyedepo and other prosperity or private jet pastors, it’s not a bad thing at all, it’s helping the man to sow seed for breakthrough.

The very rich man in that Bible’s parable are the prosperity and private jet pastors of today, the poor man represents the majority of the members in the modern Christianity of today who are being mentally, religiously, physically and spiritually brainwashed, abused, exploited and manipulated.

How can you ask a family man to give all his first salary of the year as first fruit without caring for his bills and children’s school fees? What Jesus or apostles never asked for.

And some of these members, knowing that their month’s end salary belong to daddy G.O, will look for crooked and sinful means to steal, lie or take bribe to meet their needs for the month, and they will come back to church to give testimony and say, “Sir, the first-fruit seed works for me!”

It’s only in modern Christianity that a rich man will ask the poor to give him more money. It’s only in the modern Christianity that a very rich man called senior pastor or daddy G.O will boast of not wearing same T-shirt twice for the whole year and will still ask the poor to sell his T-shirt and use the money to sow seed for him. Only in the modern Christianity that a man will be riding and have several expensive and exotic cars and ask a man who has only a single car for himself and family to sell and sow it into his life as a vital land.

How It Works
How do you think these modern day pastors are successfully manipulating their members and making them to part away with their money just like that? Two un-biblical strategies: PERMISSIVENESS & FALSE HOPE!

The prosperity, private jets ministers preach sweet messages, tell their members sweet words that soothe them, and then permit them to commit some sins and be worldly, and in return, the members freely give their money because their pastors are permissive. Have you seen any private jet or prosperity preacher who OFTEN preach about restitution, rapture, second coming of Jesus and against worldliness?

A prosperity pastor like Pastor Chris Oyakilome will say masturbation is not a sin, they will allow their members to wear tights and trousers, they will not rebuke or discipline worldly dress; prosperity preachers like Bishop Oyedepo will say restitution is not necessary after salvation, they may not preach against drinking beer, they will not, for a whole year, warn people about missing the rapture, preparing for the coming of Jesus. They will not clearly speak against bribing, changing figure, changing age to get job or falsifying documents to travel; they will not rebuke and discipline sex before marriage, they will not rebuke sin in your life.

(And when I speak, you say. ” Why speaking against the fathers in the Lord” If such pastors are your fathers in the Lord, they you are a bastard in the Lord.)

For example, prosperity preacher may say, “Restitution is not a must but tithes and offering is a must.” How does that sounds? It’s sweet and sweat free. And since they permit people to make money in sinful and worldly way, to dress worldly, and no rebuke of sin and stress of restitution, they freely give to the sweet, permissive pastors.

Prosperity preachers give their members false hope of heaven: that as long you confess your sin, pay your titles, come to church, be a faithful member of the mission, you are a child of God and heaven is sure; even if you continue committing the sin, continue dressing harlot, and working in sinful places and no evidence of new life in Jesus.

They give them false hope of prosperity: as long you pay tithes, things will not be tight for you, as long you give to them and sow seeds, you are good to go financially. Because of these false hope, these members find it easy to let go of their money to the prosperity preachers, continue in their sins and perish forever in eternal damnation.

My friend, enough of these permissiveness and false hope, these will take you to to nowhere, not even heaven. If your pastor is deceiving you, will you also deceive your soul? What will be your excuse for missing the rapture and going to hell when you have Bible to read and preaching of truth like this?

Repent, rededicate your life to Jesus and run away from these prosperity preachers. Rapture is IMMINENT!

Gideon Akande

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