Human being is trapped between Sin and Satan. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get out. No matter your religion or discipline,it can’t save you. No matter how committed and decent you are, you can’t save yourself. You need Jesus for your genuine salvation, not religion, not church, not Transcendental Meditation, not self discipline, and not self resolution but JESUS . He came just to save you. This is not the matter of being a Christian or Pastor. The point is: have you being saved from your sins?

If the rapture takes place now or you die in that sin, little or big, minor or major then you are doomed forever. Many are dying every day and heading to hell, they are lost forever in hell with devil and demons, forever and ever in agony of flames and furnace, the Blood of Jesus Christ is forever in vain over their lives, never will they see light, never will they know relief, never will they have a second chance; hunger forever, thirst forever, not even urine or sweat to drink. Just because of temporal profit? pleasure? possessions? popularity? position or prosperity?

Jesus is waiting right there to surrender to Him before the sin crushes you to death and to doom, oh no! Please surrender to Him now when you still have the chance,maybe the last chance. Repent, confess, invite Him, ask Him to forgive and cleanse you and as you forsake all your sins. No more pretense, no excuse, please do it NOW, destruction is getting closer!

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