If you buy a brand new car of your choice of color and brand, but after driving out of the showroom, you see another car of different brighter color, so you change your mind of the choice of color, drive the new car with machine factory paint to roadside car painters; they sandpaper and wash away the original factory paint, and manually spray a brighter paint on the car. You what? In such situation, the car has already lost about 30% of its market value.

The exact or worst situation is with all women and men who, because of covetousness of a light or lighter skin and lack of contentment of their original God’s given skin, bleach their skin, or “tone a bit” as the language is, or lighten a bit, or whiten. Such people have already lost 30% of their originality.

I have been in skincare industry for some years, and I see that so many people, especially women, want to have light skin and those who have light skin want to have lighter. The word “bleaching” is no more used, but now it’s something like “lighten” or “tone” or “whiten”. Whichever name you call it, it’s still same sinful and satanic act of bleaching, which is applying toxic chemical products to remove or “sandpaper” the first and second layers of your skin, and thereby look lighter. Such people immediately lose 30% of their originality, they value lesser and vulnerable more.

Such people are tied to such specific lightening products, they can’t use any cream, and you know what? Such people are less than normal human being, they can’t qualify for God’s work in mission field where bleaching creams are not sold or such situation. Such people can never live longer as supposed because recent research show links between lightening chemicals and cancers and even kidney problems among others. Aside different side effects such as green veils, dark knuckles, stretch marks, uneven skin, “Fanta face and coke leg”

Some users of such lighten products claim the products are natural or the lighten skin they are having is natural. Such is a human and satanic deception. There is no natural ingredient that bleach or lighten skin except chemical, and no chemical that bleaches skin except terrible or toxic chemicals; natural ingredients only glow and bring out natural complexion bright naturally, but can never alter or change your natural complexion.

A child of God cannot bleach, lighten, “tone up a bit” or whiten skin, doing so involve many sins like covetousness, disagreement with your Creator, destroying or damaging God’s temples, inordinate ambition, abnormal focus for outward beauty or look, worldliness, etc. If you have been bleaching or lightening and you just gave your life to Jesus, you must stop using such products and let everything be new, including your complexion. If you have been born again for a while and using lightening products, you must repent, destroy all such products and go for natural or normal skincare.

Moreover, as a genuine child of God cannot use lightening products, so also we cannot sell or produce such. In your pharmacy store, supermarket, etc., you must watch against this satanic item – lightening products and never become Satan’s marketer.

If you are using any skincare product, and you notice your skin is getting lighter than usual, you must watch and stop using such product immediately.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2.


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