If you have a God’s given ministry to fulfill in this end time without falling away or compromise, two things you must take careful note of:

1, Financial provision for your family and ministry. You must get this clear as you are getting into the ministry; are you going to work with your two hands like Apostle Paul to meet your family’s needs, having a business, part time work? I will advise you not to depend or anyone or people for financial provision for your ministry or family, the same people supporting you financially may lead you to compromise. You must be content with the little provision God makes available for you, and if things are hard financially, you must wait till your change comes. Please look unto God and not any man, no matter how promising they may be.

Last year, a brother called me on phone here in Abuja and asked about our ministry’s office, and I told him we don’t have one yet, then he asked if I wanted one, and I said yes, but not expecting anything from him and I never called him back. And following week he called and explained himself that he called me the previous month, he said he read one of my posts on Facebook and he was not happy about it and he wanted me to go and remove it. The man sound funny to me, and I told him the reality. Later he said he wanted to come to fellowship with us before he travel out, but I told him we don’t run public church program, and we don’t allow strangers in our family fellowship.

If you depend on people in your ministry for financial support, you may be afraid to tell them the truth and they may even want to command you in the future.

The best thing I can advise a minister is to get his financial source settled with God and be content. Do not be expectant of financial support from people coming under your ministry, it is a sin.

When you see people who are financially okay coming to your ministry, and you begin to be expectant of something from them, before you know, you will be partial, you will want to attend to them first, pray for them first and visit them first – that is the beginning of downfall of a minister of God.

The major thing to put in mind is contentment and total trust in the Lord for your financial provision, not looking to some set of people.

2, Associations With Other Ministers or Ministry. This is another means the devil is using to make many ministers and their ministries fall away. You don’t want to be a lone ranger, you want to belong, you want to invite and be invited, so you are trying to accept and believe some little, little worldliness and unbiblical heresies.

Do not be in haste to get workers or people who will do the work of God with you, it is better you stay alone and do little you can do without compromise than to do many things with many people who are mixed multitude.

For example, in drama ministries, I see many ungodly and worldly Christians working with some drama ministries, because they need people to act for them so they don’t mind involving sinners or worldly Christians, they don’t mind involving drama ministers who do not believe the same standards they believe. I have seen several drama ministers who are toning, bleaching their skin – that is not film trick, it is real. Now, what does a Christian who tones or bleaches skin has to offer?

Some churches hire sinful musical instrumentalists, all because they just want the work of God to be done so they involve ungodly people, but they become disqualified at the end. Now, is it the melody of a Christian music that matters most or the message and its inspiration?

When I notice worldliness in a minister or ministries, I immediately detach myself from them. I better stay alone with God and maintain Bible standard than to associate with many ministers and ministries and miss it at the end.

Do not seek to associate with people in the work of ministry and get yourself disassociated from God at the end.

God bless you


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