I read that about 87 millions Nigerians are extremely poor, despite the fact that majority of preaching and prayers of churches where those extremely poor people attend are all about prosperity. So if you still believe in these incessant prosperity preaching and prayers of your pastors, of pastor Adeboye, of bishop Oyedepo, and all others prosperity preachers, then you are either a scam actor or a scam victim.
The priority prosperity preaching system is from the pit of hell, it will NEVER deliver any community or nation from poverty, it only works for the preachers who preach the prosperity and impoverish the people who part away with their hard earned resources.
Prosperity preaching or prosperity focus or prayer does not make a nation rich, but rather it makes the people corrupt, love money, want money by all means and in return make majority become extremely poor. Nigeria is a vivid case study.
There is nowhere in the Bible – Old or New Testaments – that says preaching, praying or listening to prosperity messages will make a nation or people rich.
But in the Bible, we have secret of prosperity for a nation and same is applicable to individual persons.
The Bible says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34. Prosperity preaching does not exalt a nation or a person.
If you need original exaltation and prosperity from that that will last which has more value for eternal life than temporal earthly riches, then you need to live a righteous, godly, honest and sincere life with hardworking.
God bless you!

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