Deeper Life brethren have a G.S and they preach holiness and dress moderately with biblical doctrines..
RCCG people have G.O and they are mixed up with earthly glory inclination and breakthrough teaching…
Living Faith people have bishop, and they don’t hide their passion and doctrine for prosperity and worldly possession…
And so on..
But when it comes to MONEY, there is no difference between Deeper Life, RCCG, Living faith, majority are unfaithful with money. When it comes to matter of money, you will not know who attends Deeper Life again or who is a winner, majority are unfaithful with money; majority want to borrow without paying, majority want to lie because of money, majority turn violent about money, majority want to “settle” to get things done, majority give and collects bribe and call it different names.
Majority of “devoted” Christians in Africa in different denominations have same G.O, same doctrine and same god, which is Mammon – love of money.
In Africa, we have many Christians who can speak in tongues, who can dress moderately, who can do more fasting and prayer, who can pay tithes and firstfruits but less faithful with money.
It’s often time easier to do business with an unbelieving American than a devoted Christian in Africa. Sometimes, it’s difficult for to somebody is a genuine child of God until he faced matter of money.
I wonder what faith or holiness people are claiming when they are unfaithful with money. You are not faithful, you are not even a child of God when you can not faithfully handle matter of money with people.
When you faithfully pay your tithe to God but you are not faithful with money to people you are dealing with, then you are fake.
Repent and do restitution where necessary – Settle the old time debt, apologize and return the money, pay back what you forcefully took away, etc.
God be with you all as we await His coming!

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