-A Narrative Article on Singles & Sex!

If you were used to desktop computer some years back, there is something called “Screen saver” you know that? If you leave a desktop computer that has screen saver un-used for some minutes, you will see some animated pictured moving round on the screen as if it’s a video show, but immediately you touch the mouse of the computer, the whole screen saver show disappears. That’s exactly the reality with those terrific sexual urge you experience as a single brother or sister, and especially when you get to relationship.

Let me start with my personal experience when I was single. Before I got married, I believed I had high sexual urge, but I thank God for His grace that kept me all through till marriage as a “virgin” despite all those terrible temptations. And when I met my wife-to-be, I was like “I would be free from the afternoon of our wedding day, infect I would not want a long sermon or wedding service, I would not want a prolonged wedding reception, my mind would be straight to the honeymoon with my wife and the unprecedented must start from that Saturday afternoon at the honeymoon.” That was my mind when we were preparing for our wedding. And you know those electrifying shock when holding the sister’s hand, you dare not go further lest you get electrocuted  And all those “chemistry” feeling, it was like high gauge “hydrometerred” Caustic Soda. Even more than having chemistry, if there is any other feeling like “Electricity” “Physics”, etc. When she came to visit my mother in another state, I vacated my room for the night. You know as a single, sleeping together in the same room with your fiancée is more like committing spiritual suicide.

To God be the glory we got married in Ibadan and moved to Lagos, and with the little we had, we went to a night honeymoon. But something happened, this brother that was over-ready few days ago, that was hyper-ready, that had electrical shocking touch, that had over-gauge caustic soda chemistry feeling towards the sister, can you believe the same very brother became afraid when he got to the honeymoon with his very wife? Saturday went, Sunday came and went, Monday came and went yet the brother was still scared of…. My Youth Co-coordinator leader called me on Monday, and said, “Gideon you are now a “something I can’t remember” man” But I said, “Sir, I’m not yet oooo, I’m scared” So where are all those terrific chemistry, electricity, physic, etc.? It was a screen saver.

Do I mean Christian couples don’t have chemistry, romantic feeling and sexual attractions in marriage? No, what I mean is this: there is something called “high voltage” in electricity supply, you heard about power surge that happened in some parts of Nigeria recently? The Transformer of that community was faulty, it couldn’t step down the high voltage current transmitted, so it went straight to the consumers and destroyed lives and properties. So in electricity supplies, there is low voltage, normal voltage and high voltage. Now, the high voltage only causes damage of electric appliances and destruction of lives. Exactly the same is applicable with singles and in courtships, those “high voltage current” of romantic feeling and sexual urge that makes you feel you can’t wait until marriage, that makes you want to “taste” what you have not bought, that makes you want to commit premarital sex – oh, if that is too much to ask, ok, that makes you “want to just romance, just kiss, just what?” All such high feelings are abnormal; they are manipulations of your flesh, it’s called LUST not normal love. Such high sexual high feeling as single or in courtship is high chemistry caustic soda, it burns, such feeling is high voltage current, if you go further and touch, you will get exploded or electrocuted spiritually, mentally and ruin your glorious destiny. At least, you will not say you have not read in the Bible that warns “Touch not”

Simple Solution
The solution to Transformer that transmitted high voltage current is to repair or change the Transformer so it can control the voltage that comes before transmitting it. Exactly is applicable as a single brother and sister, you to pray for transformation of heart and self-control so that you can control every lustful thoughts the devil transmits into your heart and every high voltage feeling, keeping under your body and bringing it into subjection, lest….lest you get electrocuted. Self-control, through the help of Holy Spirit and grace of God is what you need to overcome those sexual urge, masturbation urge and lustful thoughts. The earlier you realize the solution the better.

As singles, solution to those terrific sexual urge is not to satisfy it, it’s self-control. The permanent solution to lust is self-control, not even marriage or premarital sex, it’s better to face it now, because when you get married, you will still face the lust, and without self-control, you will still fall into sexual immorality of adultery even with your wife or husband available.

You know what? As a single Christian brother or sister, maybe you are in secondary school, college, a graduate and waiting; maybe you are in courtship that remains few months to marry or so, and you are battling with such high and terrific sexual urge, high voltage, high caustic soda chemistry, let it go, do not try to have a few minutes touch or taste of what you live forever to regret, even if you have opportunity to repent, it will take long time before it will go, even after you marry, the memory of such downfall will still hurt, and it’s a trap to those who refuse to confess all to their spouse of their bad past, unsettled restitution which will hinder them to heaven and earth.

Looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled; 16 lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright. 17 For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears. Hebrews 12:15-17

God bless you!



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