If you get your certificate through malpractices and manipulations, how do you want God to bless you with the certificate?

If you get the job through bribery and manipulation, how do you want God to defend you when crises and enemies rise against you in that workplace?

If you lay the foundation of your marriage on premarital sex and fornication, how do you want God to prosper and preserve the marriage?

If you bribe your way with the Customs officers to import or export your goods, how do you expect God to successfully help you sell the goods?

If you build a house by money you got through untruthful means, how do you expect God to be with you in that house?

If you buy a car through money you got from bribed, manipulated, ungodly means, how can you expect God to keep you from auto accident with that car?

How will you face God when you die with those sinful records when you have not repented, confessed and do the right restitution?

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