If you have a call into the ministry, the first thing you need to watch against is several satanic distractions which the older ministers ahead of us are falling into. The purpose of my messages is not to criticize or condemn as some people ignorantly assumed, but to correct and warn the generations coming behind not to fall into such errors and mistakes.

Everyday, God is calling people, people are starting ministries from different part of the world. The Lord leads me to warn and also to beware not to fall into such errors along the way.

The devil is exchanging the Great Commission with many earthly, non-eternal values for the church today, and many ministers and ministries are falling victims, including those who stood against it before.

One of the satanic fatal exchange to Great Commission is incessant non- stop building projects. They saw need to build, expand, pull down and build another one, because they have millions of members gathering together in one place.

But do you know that it’s not even biblical necessary and right for the church to be gathering millions of members together in a place?

The church has no need to gather the whole members to a place that would cause the traffic and need to expand and rebuild in the first instant. The mega church or mega service concept is extra-biblical phenomenon which started in America in early 1950s. The Apostles never did that, they never gathered all disciples to Jerusalem or to a single place, they were going from one local church to another, even without fast means of transportation, without digital TV that transfers live messages and programs from headquarters, yet they fulfilled their ministries and the disciples increased and were united. But today, the church has live transmission satellite, yet they would still need to gather millions of people together in one place again.

This is satanic distraction. When a church builds a local church, they still build a local headquarters church, they will still build state headquarters church; the church builds a local camp meeting, a state camp meeting, a national camp meeting. The church would build a local secretariat, a state secretariat, a national secretariat and international secretariat or conference center.

Now, please sincerely answer the following questions:

(1) Is the great commission Jesus gave to the church all about building projects?

(2) There are projects like mission project, children project, welfare project, etc. which of these projects the church is embarking on today that cost the church more money than building project? Please answer if you know.

(3) Do you know that the church spends more on building than welfare of the people who worship inside the building?

(4) Do you know that many churches today spend more on building than spending for mission work?

(5) Do you know that church spends more on building project than providing free Christian materials that will grow believers – such as free Bible, free Hymn books, free Christian music, free Christian movies?

(6) Do you know that church building project is the most wasted project among any organizations in the world? A project that cost billions to build and it’s only used once a week or once a month?

(7) Do you realize that this generation of churches have fallen into error and distraction from the pit of hell of incessant building projects and should God not lead anyone to warn and charge coming generation of churches and ministries not to fall into such error?

Let’s repent because all those buildings cannot stand the test of fire on the judgment day. Jesus never commissioned disciples to make building project to the uttermost part of the world, but to makes disciples; when we now focus on building projects than the welfare and well-being of the disciples, it means things are wrong. Jesus never commanded incessant building project as part of the Great Commission, the apostles never commanded or commissioned building project even with large numbers of disciples, and our contemporary fathers of faith never focused on building projects as it’s today.

Let’s humble ourselves and repent.



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