If you gave a false information of your age or any other thing to get job, gain admission, get contract or to travel abroad, you know what? no matter how faithfully you pay your tithes, give to ministers or spend for God’s work, you are on your way to eternal damnation except you repent, confess and ready to let go. Have you counted the cost?

If you lied to your spouse, cheated on your spouse and you cover up till now, I don’t know how devoted you are to the things of God but you are still a candidate of hell fire except you repent and open up now!

If you have ever borrowed money without paying it back, if you have owed school fees of yourself or your children and you left without paying, if you have owed house rent and left without settling it, if you have left a rented apartment with your unpaid utility bill such as electricity bill, etc. and you think “by gone is by gone” My beloved, it is more than that. Nothing is by gone except it’s settle, they can stand against your progress in life and stand against your entrance to heaven.

The pain, loss and suffering you will go through by making your ways right will never be compared with the suffering you will experience for just a minute in hell if you continue to cover up.

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