There are clear differences between a church members and a disciple of Jesus Christ:

A disciple of Christ is somebody who genuinely comes to Jesus Christ for the salvation of his soul and eternal life and keeping following Him for the bread of life. John 6: 63-67. But a church member may have other purposes like problem solving, prosperity, prophecies, healing, etc.


A disciple of Christ is somebody who comes to Jesus and repents from all his sins, forsake them and continuing in the Word of God. Acts 14:21, 22. A church member does not necessarily need to be genuinely saved; they may just answer altar call and be committed and faithful to the church ordinances.  Are you a disciple or a church member?


To make disciples, Christ, and Him alone must be preached with the sole aim of leading people to salvation in Christ and helping them to grow and live in holiness, truth and righteousness, and to make heaven. To make members, no need of priority of genuine repentance, salvation, restitution and holiness of life, just preach what will attract people in the name of Jesus. If your purpose is to make people get to heaven, it’s not a must to make them members of your church. You can have thousands members in your church and none of them is a disciple of Christ. The population of a church is not in proportion to the spiritual value of that church. The number of the members in a church is not in any proportion to the number of Christ’s disciples in that church.


Since you have been a Christian, are you Christ disciple or a church member? You can spend all the days of your life with a church, you can spend your money and time, you can be a leader of a church but if you are not a disciple of Christ, everything is wasted.  Please check your salvation before you get to eternal checking point gate where there will not be room for correction but eternal condemnation.


If you will like to totally surrender or rededicate your life to Jesus Christ, please click on this link, read and pray as directed

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