Genesis 38:15, “When Judah saw her, he thought she was a harlot”

You can be registered as a harlot in heaven simply by the way you dress. You don’t need to become an active sex worker, you don’t need to commit a single sexual immorality with a man before Heaven will recognize you as a prostitute and remove your name from the Book of Life; in fact you can be a virgin but still a heavenly recognized harlot. How does that happens? It happens simply by what you wear and how you wear what you wear. If you wear low-cut dress or low necklines including ball gowns that exposes your cleavage, meaning, that shows the upper part, little trace of your breasts when you bend down, you are a harlot. You don’t need to be half Unclad before you become harlot by garment, but as long you wear any clothing that reveals your cleavage a little, you are a harlot.

Also if you wear tight clothes that shows the anatomy of your body to the world as to show your shape, you are a harlot; if you wear transparent or perforated clothing that shows your inner-wears, you are a harlot; if you wear any dress which does not covers your arms or your kneels, you are a harlot. This may be hard to take but a spiritual reality for holy standard of the heaven minded.
You can be a pastor, a minister, deaconess; you can speak in tongues of angels, you can sing like angels, whoever you are or claim to be does not matter, but to God, you are a decent harlot. If this is too hard for you to take, you can wait until you get to the gate of heaven, only that will be too late, and I will not advise you to wait that too late. There will be surprise on the rapture day and in heaven, when our identities are declared to us, and we may say, “Lord, I am not a harlot, and never be one”

As a Christian woman, what will be your reason before God for wearing clothing that exposes your cleavage? How will you defend your motive of wearing tight, transparent, perforated and short dress?

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