Now, what is difference between these two situations if you know it? In the early Christianity, believers were persecuted for preaching the gospel, they were punished for sharing gospel with others because the law of the land then forbidden it. And now in many countries, especially “Christian” countries, it’s forbidden to preach gospel or share gospel with people at workplace or in public schools, etc. It’s the same tactics of the devil to silent or block the spreading of the gospel, there is no different between the Roman emperor making laws that forbids preaching gospel and your office or school authority that forbid preaching or sharing gospel.

The devil will always remain devil through generations, and that is not a problem, but the problem here is that why believers do not remain believers throughout generations likewise? The believers of the olden days refused to stop preaching gospel in the face of persecutions, punishments and death when their governments then made anti-gospel laws but today believers are not ready to face persecution or punishment for preaching gospel so they rather remain silent. The worst situation is that if any believer, with his understanding of God’s word and zeal for God’s work, insist to preach the gospel and face the persecution or punishments, the first set of people who will condemn him are some Christians, either those worldly Christians or lukewarm Christians; they will say the Christian lacks understanding or wisdom, some will say the person is disobeying the law of the land which Bible commands us to obey.

But the question is, why did early Christians refused to obey the laws that opposed the gospel or the word of God, but Christians of today are ready to obey Government’s law than God’s laws? The answer is simple! It’s because the Christians of today are earthly focused and minded, but the early Christians were heavenly focused and cared less of things of this world. The Christians of today see prosperity as the sign of God’s approval but the early Christians saw persecutions as the sign of God’s approval.

Persecutions gave the early Christians joy, but the only thing that gives joy and testimony among Christians today is prosperity. “So they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name.” Acts 5:41.

This is the reason Christianity is not spreading as before in societies, because the devil is using government’s law, rules and regulations to silent Christians from preaching gospel, and many Christians are cooperating with the devil. When the devil used those in authority to pass laws that disallowed Christians from preaching gospel in the Bible, “But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29. But to the Christians of today, who are we obeying, God or government?

More Than The Government
I have got to know that many Christians are shying away from preaching gospel not mostly because of government laws but because of personal gain. Pastors are afraid to preach the truth in his church because he doesn’t want members to walk away, also many Christians are afraid of preaching to their customers, clients, in their businesses, offices, schools because they don’t want them to walk away, they don’t want people to see them as uncivilized fellow. You know it’s more civilized today to talk about sport than to talk about Christ. Christians of today are more mindful of their jobs, business or career than preaching gospel to offend people. I listen to some American Christian music, singing a whole song without mentioning the name of Jesus, because they want to appeal to everyone. I also heard of some popular preachers who write Christian books without mentioning the name of Jesus Christ in the whole books, all because they want to sell to everyone.

The apostles lost everything for the gospel, laid down their lives for the sake of gospel, but our preachers today are laying treasures for themselves on earth in the name of gospel, they are using gospel to gain the world and their members – lukewarm and worldly Christians – are also following their steps. Come to think of it, are you going to the same heaven the early Christian went to? When your life is opposite the lifestyle of the early Christians, it means you are going opposite where the early Christians went to.

In this end time, is there anything more urgently important and rewarding than preaching gospel and evangelism? Is there anything more important to spend money on than evangelism? Will you allow yourself to be consumed with the care of this world until you find yourself at the other side of the river in eternity or until rapture take place?

Do not be among the mixed multitude that will miss rapture before they realize they have missed the right way to heaven long ago.

Repent, rededicate your life to Jesus and renew your commitment to Him. He is waiting for you right now!

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