Many Christians today feel comfortable talking about sport, politics or celebrities than talking about Christ and sharing message of gospel, because they don’t want people to see them as uncivilized fellow.
You know it’s more civilized today to talk about sport than to talk about Christ. Christians are more civilized today that you don’t just burst out to a stranger and begin to share gospel like the old Christians in those days. We are now living in a modern world with paralyzed Christians, sorry, I mean civilized Christians – What a lost generation of modern Christians!
No wonder witches and wizards are working against many Christians, no wonder terrorists are terrorizing the church, no wonder we are not seeing our signs again, because we have lost the gospel which is the power of God to salvation. A Christian or a church without fervent evangelism is a powerless Christian, no matter how many months of fasting and prayer. Evangelism is a power of God in the life of a Christian that makes him untouchable. You know why? When you are engaging yourself in effective evangelism as a Christian, you are touching the heartbeat of God, and so you become untouchable.
Apostle Paul said, ” For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.” Romans 1:16
So what about you? Are you ashamed or afraid to share old time gospel on your social media, with your neighbor, with the passenger next to you in the plane or in a vehicle because you are making yourself to be a civilized, paralyzed Christian?
I put it to you, as a born again Christian, that you are a coward, that you are ashamed of Christ if you refuse to preach gospel to your fellow passenger in your next flight or travel by vehicle. If you can’t talk, share tracts. Where are our tracts and Christians magazines?
Repent before it’s too late. The secret of power of God in the life of Christians this year is not how long you fast but how much you preach and win souls, it’s the power of God to salvation. Romans 1:16

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