For 7 months last year our business was not making progress, until God revealed the secret and it was settled. Immediately after things started picking up, a woman was introduced to me here in Abuja, she wanted her company to be distributing our products, and within 2 weeks she bought some amount of products. And since she saw that the products were marketable and her customers were responding well, she wanted to buy another huge amount, and considering distributing the products nationwide for us, connecting the products to international stores, supplying companies, government offices, etc. This is just like our dreams coming through.
But something happened shortly. We supplied her products as her customers were making demands. The following day she called me that some customers called and complained something about our products, “what was that ma’am” I asked. She said inside the packs of our soaps they found Christian tract that preached message of salvation. Well, the madam is not a Christian and most of her customers she eagerly supplied were Muslims too. She said they thought the paper was direction of how to use the products or information about the product, which she thought as much too, that was the reason she didn’t care to read it before supplying customers. Well, that was how we have been deliberately packaging message of salvation along with the product for years.
When the woman called me, she said the tract was pure Christian message which was not necessary in the business, that I don’t need to force my religion on others and whereas this is clear business. So she said if I want her to be doing business with us I should not include the Christian track in the products we are going to be supplying her, but if we insist, she would stop buying our products or doing business with us. After she finished talking, I said, “Thank you ma’am” Well, we cannot stop putting salvation message inside the product because it’s an easy way of reaching out to our customers with the message of salvation, and we have already made covenant with God that anywhere the product reaches, the message of salvation will follow.
All the dreams and expectations of the woman buying our products was coming to an end, I was already planning on the huge amount of products she was to buy in few days’ time, how I would use the money to settle piled-up bills due to low sales of several months, but now the woman has cancelled her business with us simply because we refused to remove Christian message in the product. I would not blame her, being a devoted Muslim and most of her customers also, but I can’t stop putting the tract in the product because I have made it, I mean I have made it a covenant with God, and I can’t stop it. It’s better for the business to stop than for me to stop the covenant I have made with God.
Well, after few days the woman called me, maybe her customers were demanding for more products, and she said that she understood that I’m a Christian but this is a business, and she is not getting the products for free, she is paying. She said there are several other means where I can preach to people but not in business; that she is a devoted Muslim but does not mix business with religion, and it’s not even legal. She said Government’s Human right commission is against it, that if a customer complains that we are forcing our religion on others through our products we can be penalized. Within me, I was thinking if this will lead to prison, I don’t mind.
Actually I appreciated the interest of this highly educated and connected woman, but I told her, “Ma’am, this is beyond my power; I can’t stop putting the Christian tract in the packaging of the product. I don’t mind if this would stop us from producing the product, but I can’t stop the tract” I had earlier suggested she could be removing the tract from the packaging before supplying her customers but she said how will she sit down and starts removing the tracts from 1000 packs of soaps or more? Where would she take the tracts to, to burn them or what?
Well, humanly speaking the woman was right, but I have made a covenant with the Most High God, and I can’t take it back. It’s better for the business to go down than for me to go down with the covenant I have made with God. My business is God’s business. I am a child of God, eternal reward is my ultimate goal not business, and I’m a citizen of heaven. I am working and doing business for meeting temporal needs, not for a living; I serve and please God for a living, what I do for a living is preaching Christ, not doing business. If my purpose of living is to be a successful businessman or to be rich, how will that sustain me after I stop living on earth? If what I do for a living is to work, do business and make money, how will that benefit my living in eternity after I stop living on earth? I am living for Christ Jesus, and evangelism is what I do for a living. By God’s grace we have moved on, and my wife is even more conscious to include the tract in every package of the products without missing one, that’s my production manager 
What About You?
Have you made a covenant with God? That if God should give you the job, the admission, the visa to travel, the business contract, the marriage, the child, that you would serve God and use the means to preach the gospel at the work, at the school, at the country? And here you are, after getting the job, the admission or the visa, have you forgotten your covenant with God or you think God did not take it serious, because you did not see fire coming down from heaven or thunder? You promised to serve God and preach daily if God will give you good marriage, good health or financial blessing. Now you have forgotten or you are too blessed, busy, comfortable or too civilized or exposed to carry Bible and preach Christ? What a terrible mistake! On the other hand, are you facing challenges in fulfilling your promise to God, in preaching the word of God? Are you afraid of losing everything or legal threat? You know what? It’s either you fulfill your words of promises to Christ and be ready to face the persecutions like Daniel and his friends in Babylon or you become a failure till eternity.
Do you want to experience unprecedented blessings, grace and favor of God in your life, business, career, health, family, marriage or ministry? The secret and master key is not more fasting and prayer, it is more evangelism. God is set to be busy blessing His children who are busy doing evangelism this year. More also, we are closer to the end of the world this year more than last year, the devil is busy winning souls, using his children to win souls by all means, on media, in school, at work, on TV, on entertainments, in business world, on new technologies, in churches, and so on, and are we, children of God, going to fold our hands or focus on those temporal worldly ambitions?
From this year, we must be radical in preaching Christ and winning souls more than ever before, and by all means! Do not be wasting your time doing “copy and paste” on social media with political stories, gossip, sport, blessing prayer or all those non-eternal value sharing messages, but focus on preaching salvation and edifying believers.
Are you a teacher, preach Christ in your class. Are you working in office, preach Christ to your fellow workers and clients/customers. Are you in business, you use your business to preach Christ, not minding those who will be offended, just mind the kingdom of God. Are you a student, preach Christ. If you are on board, travelling by flight, share gospel with someone, if you are traveling by commercial transport, share gospel with people, if you have your own car, sometimes you can help to carry people for the purpose of sharing gospel. If you are a taxi or transport driver, preach to your passengers. Anywhere you are, any country you are, as long you are a genuine child of God, preach Christ more than ever before. There should not be any dull moment this year, because we are closer to the end than ever before and because our salvation is closer than ever before. “But this I say, brethren, the time is short.” 1 Corinthians 7:29.
“And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. 12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light” Romans 13:11, 12.
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