The Truth of The Gospel of the Bible is:

The Truth of The Gospel of the Bible is:
1. God has made salvation available to all men and women through Jesus Christ. – John 3:16

2. God does not condemn sinner from coming unto Him, irrespective of their past and present. Matthew 11:28.

3. God calls all men to repentance from sin so we do not continue in sinful life. Acts 3:19.

4. God does not condone sin after we have come to Him. Romans 6:1-2.

So the summary of Gospel of Jesus Christ is NO CONDEMNATION and NO CONTINUITY IN SIN. If we truly come to Jesus Christ through genuine repentance and we confess our sins, we must strive by watchfulness and prayerfulness not to continue in sin again. Genuine repentance brings about grace of God, and we cannot continue in that grace and in sin at the same time.

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