This is the Bible truth you might not have heard before and you may never hear in your church.
Bible does not say we should give to somebody because he is a pastor or minister of God, except if he or she has genuine need. The common notion that giving to men of God, even if they don’t have genuine needs, will bring blessing to your life is false and extra biblical phenomenon. Giving to a man who is rich without a genuine, important or basic need will only bring eternal curse into your life. Proverbs 22:16, “He who oppresses the poor to increase his riches, and he who gives to the rich, will surely come to poverty.” Giving to a rich pastor or person only brings a rich curse; the poverty here does not necessarily means financial, but spiritual poverty and ignorance.
God never command people to give to somebody simply because he is a minister of God without genuine need; Jesus Christ never instructed disciples to give to people because of their spiritual positions or because they are apostles. Elijah or other prophets never asked people to give to them simply because they were prophets of Most High God when they were not in genuine or basic needs. The Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ never preached that giving to them because they were apostles of God would bring blessing to you. So where did we get the teaching of “sowing into vital ground”? Where do the preachers of today get their messages from?
The teaching that sowing into the lives of big bishops, General overseers or senior pastors will attract you blessing is anti-biblical. If the G.O or Senior pastor does not have basic need of food like Elijah, if he not in need of accommodation like Elisha, and if he is not in need of basic materials or basic amenities like Apostle Paul, then your giving to him is baseless, useless and immaterial to God.
A pastor or bishop who has millions of dollars or his national currency laying fallow in his bank account, and you are adding to his money is simply a kingdom waste; a pastor or bishop who has a car and another for his wife, and you go to buy another car for him while nothing is wrong with the two cars he and his wife have, such giving is simply a spiritual ignorance and craving for shortcut blessing. A pastor or Bishop that has accommodation where he lives and you build or buy another house for him is a waste to the kingdom of God. When you ignore brethren in your local church: families who have basic needs, singles who are trusting God to marry but no finance, unemployed brothers and sisters who need incentive to start something, missionaries in remove villages who need just little amount to reach people with the gospel, pastors in your village that just need basic amenities to sustain their ministries; when you ignore such people and you are sowing or partnership with a senior big pastor to maintain his luxurious amenities, to tour the world or to fuel his private jet, it simply means you are spiritually ignorant. Such sowing or partnership will only attract God’s judgment. Do you know that one can give and have problem because of that giving? Yes, when it is given in un-biblical way.
When you ignore people with genuine needs, with basic needs and you go ahead to give people with social needs or with comfort needs. it means you are either looking for human favor or you are looking for shortcut blessing of prophetic declaration from such big pastors. But the mistake here is that the whole popular and big ministers can pray for you, but they cannot answer the prayers themselves, only God can answer prayer. God does not answer prayer by big names of a pastor of bishop but by the name of Jesus and based on our heart motives. Such senior pastors may psych you with different testimonies or prophecies, but you will never find a backing from the Bible.

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