After my message which I shared that Jesus approved tithes as He told the Pharisees in Matthew 23:23 which said they ought to do justice without leaving tithe undone; I got responses from some people saying that Jesus was only speaking to pharisees to pay tithes and not to the apostles and no place that the apostles or disciples mentioned tithe, but only offerings. Well, here is my response:

1, Either you call it offering or tithe, there is no problem about that, in fact in Deeper Life Bible Church, both offering and tithe are collected together inside a single offering box.

2, If pharisees were paying 10% tithe and Jesus approved them, so you as a Christian who is paying offering, I think your offering should be more than 10% of your income, because your righteousness must exceed the righteousness of pharisees. Matthew 5:20.

You didn’t see where the early church gave tithe, good, but you read where they sold their houses and lands and gave them as offerings, you read where Ananias and Sapphira took from the proceeds of their land they sold and God killed them? So, giving offering alone should make you give extra than those who give tithe, not lesser. If you believe in giving offering alone and you can’t sell your belongings and give as offering, if you don’t give tithe but only offering, and your offering is less than 10%, it means your hypocrisy is more than that of pharisees.

3, The thing Bible does not approve on tithe or offering today is the monitoring spirits system many churches are using today in the name of tithe and offering cards, recording tithes of members, etc. such are extra-biblical phenomenons which a Bible believing church should not practice.

God bless you!


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