On that Thursday afternoon, April 18th, 2013, a day to my cultural wedding on Friday; I was inside commercial Bus transport in Lagos, and I received a call from a Christian brother, calling me for the first time, he said he had been following my messages on Facebook and he also had I was getting married. He prayed for me that God would supply my needs and prosper my marriage. He then gave this testimony of his wedding which he did in 2012.

As I listened to this wonderful brother sharing his testimony with me on phone on how God provided for his wedding without borrowing a penny, I smiled and said in my mind, “My situation is quite different here” because I was on my way to borrow money in preparation for my wedding. As of Thursday, I have not paid for our accommodation, no shoe for my wedding yet, several stuffs for bride-price were not yet available. My plan was that, immediately I collect the money at Yaba, I would go from there to Idumota Market to buy leather-box bag for the wedding. But here was I, listening to a wonderful testimony from a Christian brother talking for the first time. I later got to know the brother is a medical doctor and the wife a banker. But I was a full time internet evangelist, no salary, no consistent support from anywhere; I left the small business I was doing in Abuja to focus fully in to the work of evangelism, and my wife-to-be, a Biochemist, but no good job.

Earlier before the week of our wedding, I told my fiancée she should not worry about the wedding preparation, that God would provide everything we needed in surplus, my reason of confidence was that I worked for God, and as full time staff of God’s kingdom, He called me into the ministry, He had the responsibility to take care of my wedding, then I asked my fiancée, “If a servant of a king is getting married, will the king not take care of his wedding? Will the king’s servant be put to shame on his wedding day in the presence of the king?”

Actually, I had so much faith in God for provision of my wedding and lots of expectations, but God didn’t show up as expected. I borrowed for the wedding, and what I got wasn’t enough, I could only secure an accommodation of one abandoned photocopy shop behind an old, nonfunctioning MRS Filling Station beside Omole Estate Phase l gate; no electricity, no kitchen and no toilet, we had to use facility of the other compound. After the wedding in Ibadan, we had to follow my best man’s vehicle to Lagos because no enough money for transport to Lagos.

Well, God did not show up as expected for my wedding’s provision, but He is showing up more than we expected in our marriage! Many people who knew our financial situation then thought our marriage would be a union of suffering, shame and total depending on family and friends to survive, people were feeling pity for us while we were busy preaching online immediately after our wedding. We were so confident in the Lord that we didn’t see the suffering or shame our wedding would cause. But God is always faithful; He has blessed our marriage in every area that He has made us to be a wonderful testimony of miraculous surprise and a blessing, not only to ourselves but to others. Time will not permit me today to share how God turned around our financial situation to a blessing of generations. Sometimes, when we think about how we started and where God has helped us to today, we cannot but thank God.

You know what? Your situation maybe somehow different today, your beginning maybe too small to see or appreciate today, God’s will for your marital life maybe somebody who has nothing, things may not be working well in your marriage today, you may be despised and rejected today, you may be one failed relationship to another today, you may still remain single today while your mates are married and already having children, you may still be without child today while those who married after you are having children, you may still be jobless today while your mates are gainfully employed; whatever your situation now, you know what? God will soon show up beyond your expectations that you will be a testimony to this generation in Jesus name!

Do not be discouraged, do not be sorrowful of the good testimonies of others, just smile with faith that yours is coming; do not give up on God and never compromise your faithfulness to God. You see, why it becomes late is because God is making yours to be the latest.

Isaiah 40:1, 2
“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!”
Says your God.
2 “Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her,
That her warfare is ended,
That her iniquity is pardoned;
For she has received from the LORD’s hand
Double for all her sins.”


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